Gas! -Or- It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It. (1970)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Roger Corman.

Plot Summary

A chemical warfare weapon is accidentally released and wipes out anyone over the age of 25. A group of band together on a road trip to New Mexico and find that the world is now a very different place.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Roger Corman
© San Jacinto Productions MCMLXX [1970]
Samuel Z. Arkoff and James H. Nicholson present
Produced by: Roger Corman
Associate Producer: George Armitage
Screenplay by: George Armitage
Director of Photography: Ron Dexter
Film Editor: George Van Noy
Music by: Country Joe and the Fish
Sound: James Tanenbaum [real name: James M. Tanenbaum]
Wardrobe: Vana Carroll
Make Up: Dean Cundy [real name: Dean Cundey]
Special Effects Supervisor: Conrad Rothmann *
Art Director: David Nichols
Locations: Acoma Indian Reservation, New Mexico, USA *; Acoma Pueblo, Acoma, New Mexico, USA *; Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA *; Belen, New Mexico, USA *; Dallas, , USA *; Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, USA *; Farmersville, Texas, USA *; Grants, New Mexico, USA *; LBJ Freeway, Dallas, Texas, USA *; Socorro, New Mexico, USA *; Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, USA *

Robert Corff [real name: Bob Corff] (Coel)
Elaine Giftos (Cilla)
Bud Cort (Hooper)
Tally Coppola [real name: Talia Shire] (Coralee)
Ben Vereen (Carlos)
Cindy Williams (Marissa)
Alex Wilson (Jason)
Jackie Farley (Ginny)
Lou Procopio (Marshal McLuhan)
David Osterhout (Texas Ranger)
Phil Borneo (Quant)
Juretta Taylor (Zoe)
Alan Braunstein (Dr Drake)
Mike Castle [real name: Michael D. Castle] (Burroughs)
Alan DeWitt (Dr Murder)
Bruce Karcher (Edgar Allen)
Stephen White (Sgt. Sentry Collar)
Ray Birk [real name: Raye Birk] (Mort Catafalque)
George Armitage (Billy the Kid)
Abe Santillanes (Na Wanka)
Gary Caplan (Raincoat Harry)
Country Joe [real name: Country Joe McDonald] as A.M. Radio

Alternative Titles

G.A.S.S. Oder – Es war notwendig, die Welt zu vernichten, um sie zu retten – West German title
! – UK television title
Gas – Danish title
Gas, fu necessario distruggere il mondo per poterlo salvare – Italian title
Gas-s-s – kuolettava kaasu – Finnish title
Gassss – alternative title
Gas-s-s-s – advertising title
Gaz – Turkish title

Extracts included in
Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film (2009)


by Walt Lee p.157 – credits