Galaxy of Terror (1981)

35mm film, Metrocolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Bruce Clark using the name B.D. Clark.

Plot Summary

A space mission is diverted to investigate a mysterious alien lifeform that uses their own fears against them.


Directed by: B.D. Clark [real name: Bruce Clark]
© 1981 New World Productions, Inc./United Artists Corporation
New World Pictures [logo]
Produced by: Roger Corman
Co-producer: Marc Siegler
Production Manager: Aaron Lipstadt
Production Co-ordinator: Don Opper
Written by: Marc Siegler, B.D. Clark [real name: Bruce Clark]
2nd Unit Director: James Cameron
Director of Photography: Jacques Haitkin
Edited by: R.J. Kizer, Larry Bock, Barry Zetlin
Music by: Barry Schrader
Sound: Ken Beauchene
Costume Designer: Timaree McCormick
Make-up: Sue Dolph
Hair Stylist: Peter Tothpal
Special Makeup Effects Supervisor: Thom Shouse
Special Effects Electronics: Steve Barncard
Mechanical Special Effects: Al Apone, Doug White, Rick Stratton, Steve Neill
Stop Motion Animation/Model Shop Supervisor: Brian Chin
Graphic Animation Design: Ernest D. Farino
Visual Effects Supervisor: Tom Campbell
Supervising Director of Photography (Special Visual Effects): Dennis Skotak
Optical Effects: Jack Rabin & Associates
Production Designer: James Cameron, Robert Skotak
Casting: Lisa Mionie

Edward Albert (Cabren)
Erin Moran (Aluma)
Ray Walston (Kore)
Bernard Behrens (Ilvar)
Zalman King (Baelon)
Robert Englund (Ranger)
Taaffe O'Connell (Dameia)
Sid Haig (Quudoh)
Grace Zabriskie (captain Trantor)
Jack Blessing (Cos)
Mary Ellen O'Neill (Mitre)

Alternative Titles

A félelem galaxisa – Hungary
Galaksija užasa – Serbia
Galaktyka grozy – Poland
Galaktyka terroru – Poland
La galaxie de la terreur – France
La galaxia del terror – Spain
A Galáxia do Medo – Portugal
Galáxia do Terror – Brazil
Galaxie de la terreur – Canada (French)
Kauhun planeetta – Finland
Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror
Il pianeta del terrore – Italy
Planet des Schreckens – West Germany
Planet of Horrors
Planeta del terror – Colombia, Mexico
O pyrgos tis frikis – Greece
Quest – working title
Ο πύργος της φρίκης – Greece
Галактика на ужаса – Bulgaria
Галактика ужаса – Russia

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