G.G. Passion (1966)

16mm film, black and white, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

A British fantasy film directed by David Bailey. Some sources credit Roman Polanski as co-producer but he is not listed in the on-screen credits.

Plot Summary

Pop star G.G. Passion is sentenced to death by a mysterious conspiracy who pursue him through .


Director: David Bailey
Copyright by Cadre Films Ltd. 1966
Cadre Films presents David Bailey's fairy tale
Producer: Gene Gutowski
Associate Producer: Arnold Miller
Screenplay: Gerard Brach
Photography: Stanley A. Long
Edited by: John Beaton
Girls Wardrobe by: Maxine Leighton
Designer: Michael Haynes

Eric Swayne [G.G. Passion]
Caroline Monroe [real name: Caroline Munro] [groupie]
Chrissie Shrimpton [groupie]
Rory Davis [man in bowler hat and suit]
Janice Haye [groupie]
Greta Rantwick [groupie]

Extracts included in
David Bailey: Four Beats to the Bar and No Cheating (2010)



Monthly Film Bulletin vol.34 no.400 (May 1967) p.80
There is very little to be said about photographer David Bailey's cinema experiment other than that it is a bad case of would-be “significance” run riot. Some might agree that should be done away with, but the film's tone is so uncertain (veering between comic speeded-up and rather disagreeable violence) that one never senses a point of view satiric or otherwise. In some ways the film resembles a product of the New York school – which means that it equates agitated camerawork with style and essays a desperate kind of elegance (like the girls draped over G.G. Passion's room). The parallel is completed by the fact that the leading character spends a good deal of the time running, but like the film, gets nowhere. – reviewer not credited



  • Monthly Film Bulletin vol.34 no.400 (May 1967) p.80 – credits, synopsis, review (reviewer not credited)