Further Mysteries of Dr Fu Manchu (1924)

35mm film, black and white

An eight-chapter horror film serial directed by Fred Paul.

Plot Summary

is revived and his arch enemies Nayland Smith and Dr Petrie are soon on his trail. Along the way they meet the ape-like “Coughing Horror,” rescue a clergyman from Fu Manchu and eventually meet for a final showdown in Fu Manchu's lair.


1. The Midnight Summons
2. The Coughing Horror
3. Cragmire Tower
4. The Green Mist
5. The Café L'Egypte
6. The Golden Pomegranates
7. Karamenah
8. Greywater Park


* = uncredited

Directed by: Fred Paul
Stoll Film Company
Adaptation: Fred Paul
Based on the Stories by: Sax Rohmer
Photography: Frank Canham
Art Directed by: Walter Murton

Harry Agar Lyons (Dr Fu Manchu)
Fred Paul (Nayland Smith)
Dorinea Shirley (Karamaneh)
Humberstone Wright (Dr Petrie)
Fred Morgan (Antonio Strozza)
Johnny Butt (farmer)
Harry Rignold (Coughing Horror)
Henry Wilson (the deformed dacoit)
George Foley (Hagar)
Rolf Leslie (Kegan Van Roon/Ki Ming)
Frank Wilson (Inspector Weymouth)
Julie Suedo [Zarmi] *
Fred Hearn [waiter] *

Sequel to
The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu (1923)


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