Furia (1999)

35mm film, colour
Dolby Digital, French

A French science fiction film directed by Alexandre Aja.

Plot Summary

In the near future, the authorities have crushed all political opposition and creative endeavours are severely restricted. Former artist Aaron now works in a bar and can only see the world in black and white after government-sanctioned punitive surgery. Meanwhile, his son Laurence works for the government while his other son Theo becomes a rebel and commits acts of artistic terrorism, painting on any public surface he can find. He and fellow rebel Elia are determined to paint the entire city – but the government forces are closing in on them…


* = uncredited

Director: Alexandre Aja
Alexandre Films, France Cinéma 2, Studio Canal+
Executive Producer (France): Robert Benmussa
Executive Producer (Morocco): Samy Layani
Producer: Alexandre Arcady
Script: Alexandre Aja, Grégory Levasseur
Story: Graffiti by Julio Cortázar
Director of Photography: Gerry Fisher
Editors: Pascale Fenouillet, Monique Prim *
Music: Brian May, Maxime Giffard *
Sound: Jean-Paul Hurier, Dominique Levert, Alexandre Lormeau
Costume Designer: Alexandre Rossi
Visual Effects: Frederic Moreau
Art Director: Tony Egry

Stanislas Merhar (Théo)
Marion Cotillard (Elia)
Wadeck Stanczak (Laurence)
Pierre Vaneck (Aaron)
Carlo Brandt (Freddy)
Laura del Sol (Olga)
Julien Rassam (le résistant #1)
Jean-Claude de Goros (Tonio)
Etienne Chicot (Quicailler)
Daniel Vérité (le résistant #2)
Christian Guerinel (le résistant #3)
Jean Jomier (le voisin)
Nacer Belghiti (le petit garcon)
Frédéric Doniguian (le prêtre)
Samy Layani (le milicien)
Rachid Fekkak, Léo Sellier (flics en civil)



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