Funny Man (1994)

35mm film, Technicolor
Dolby, English

A British horror film directed by Simon Sprackling.

Plot Summary

Max Taylor wins the ancestral home of Callum Chance in a game of poker and is stalked by The Funny Man, a demonic jester who begins slaughtering his friends, family and innocent bystanders.


Directed by: Simon Sprackling
© 1994 Funny Man Films Ltd
A Nomad Pictures production
Executive Producers: Steve Parsons, Gareth Wiley
Produced by: Nigel Odell
Co-Producers: Tim James, David Redman
Written by: Simon Sprackling
Director of Photography: Tom Ingle Jnr.
Editor: Ryan L. Driscoll
Music: Parsons/Haines
Sound Recordist: Patrick Boland
Costume Designer: Alex Westover
Wigs, Hair & Make Up Design: Robert Frampton, Bettina Graham
SFX Designers: Neill Gorton, Jim Francis
Video SFX: Michael Elfson, Andrew Wood at The Mill
Production Designer: David Endley
Filmed on location in England and at Lee International Studios

Tim James (The Funny Man)
Benny Young (Max Taylor)
Ingrid Lacey (Tina Taylor)
Pauline Black (psychic commando)
Matthew Devitt (Johnny Taylor)
Chris Walker (hard man)
George Morton (crap puppeteer)
Rhona Cameron (Thelma Fudd)
Jamie Heard (Jammie Taylor)
Harry Heard (Harry Taylor)
Christopher Lee (Callum Chance)
Bob Sessions, Ed Bishop, John Chancer (card players)
Jana Sheldon (nurse)
Barnaby North (waiter)
Steve Wright (Radio 1FM DJ)

Alternative Titles

Funnyman – UK DVD title
Vicces fickó – Hungarian title