Frozen Scream (1975)


An American horror film directed by Frank Roach.

Plot Summary

Dr Sven Johnson and his assistant Lil Stanhope are looking for a way to reverse the aging process. To this end, The abduct young female victims, captured by their deranged, scythe wielding henchmen. The victims are tortured and experimented on by the pair and are turned into soulless, brainless .


Directed by: Frank Roach
© [not given on screen]
A Clara production
Produced by: Renee Harmon
Screenplay by: Doug Ferrin, Michael Soney & Celeste Hammond
Story by: Renee Harmon & Doug Ferrin
Director of Photography: Roberto Quazada
Edited by: Mathew Muller
Music by: H. Kingsley Thurber III
Soundman: Selwyn R. Sirot
Key Make-up Artist: Karen Calvert Luce
Special Effects Make-up: William A. Luce
Art Director [sic]: Don Rohbacker, Bill Luce, Art Piatt

Renee Harmon (Lil Stanhope)
Lynne Kocol (Ann Girard)
Thomas Gowen (Kevin McGuire)
Wolf Muser (Tom Girard)
Bob Rochelle (Kirk Richard)
Lee James (Sven)
Sunny Bartholomew (Cathrin)
Wayne Liebman (Father O'Brien)
Bill Oliver (Bob Russel)
Lee James (Sven Johnson)
Terri Argula (nurse)
Art Piatt (nightwatchman)
Cheryl Harmon, Julie Ann Mesels, Jennifer Flamen (trick o'treat children)
Chris Hammond, Sandie Gelbard (principal dancers)
Bill Luce (man in car)
Cheryl Crandal (girl in pool)
Chris Russell (girl in house)
Paul Yamanian (killer)
Ben Moase, Andy Nachtigall, Stephen Fusci (men at party)
Gary Pearl (young man in pool)

Extracts included in
Night of Terror (1986)
Terror on Tape (1983)



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