From the Earth to the Moon (1958)

35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Byron Haskin. It began production, on 31 January 1958, as an RKO Radio Pictures production (some prints still carry an RKO logo) but when RKO went bankrupt it was picked up by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Plot Summary

Industrialist Victor Barbicane discovers a revolutionary power source he dubs Power X. To prove its versatility, he builds a rocket and, with his assistant Ben, his rival Nicholl and Nicholl's daughter Virginia he sets off on a trip to . But Nicholl believes that Power X is unnatural and an affront to God and is tagging along hoping to sabotage the mission.


Directed by: Byron Haskin
Copyright MCMLVIII [1958] Waverly Productions, Inc.
Warner Bros. Pictures presents. RKO Radio Pictures. Benedict Bogeaus presents
Produced by: Benedict Bogeaus
Production Co-ordinator: Lee Zavitz
Screen Play by: Robert Blees and James Leicester
Based on the story “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne
Photographed by: Edwin B. Du Par
Supervising Film Editor: James Leicester
Musical Score by: Louis Forbes
Sound: Weldon Coe
Costume Design: Gwen Wakeling
Special Effects: Lee Zavitz
Special Camera Effects: Albert M. Simpson
Production Design: Hal Wilson Cox

Joseph Cotten as Victor Barbicane
George Sanders as Stuyvesant Nicholl
Debra Paget as Virginia Nicholl
Don Dubbins as Ben Sharpe
Patric Knowles as Josef Cartier
Carl Esmond as Jules Verne
Henry Daniell as Margana
Melville Cooper as Bancroft
Ludwig Stossel [Von Metz]
Morris Ankrum *
Robert Clarke [narrator] *

Alternative Titles

Dalla terra alla luna – Italy

See also
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