From Hell It Came (1957)

35mm film, black and white, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Dan Milner.

Plot Summary

Chief Maranka and the witch-doctor Tano help Kori to murder her husband Kimo in a ritual. But when a group of scientists turn up to investigate unusual levels of radioactivity on the island they cause his body to mutate and take the form of a monstrous tree, Tabonga, who sets out for revenge.


Directed by: Dan Milner
© MCMLVII [1957] Allied Artists Pictures Corporation
Allied Artists Pictures Corporation presents
A Milner Brothers production
Produced by: Jack Milner
ASsociate Producers: Richard Bernstein, Byron Roberts
Screenplay by: Richard Bernstein
From a Story by: Richard Bernstein, Jack Milner
Director of Photography: Brydon Baker
Film Editor: Jack Milner
Music Composed and Conducted by: Darrell Calker
Wardrobe: Frank Delmar
Makeup Artist: Harry Thomas
Hair Stylist: Carla Hadley
Special Effects: James H. Donnelly
Art Director: Rudi Field

Tod Andrews (Dr William Arnold)
Tina Carver (Dr Terry Mason)
Linda Watkins (Mrs Kilgore)
John McNamara (Dr Howard Clark)
Gregg Palmer (Kimo)
Robert Swan (Witch Doctor Tano)
Baynes Barron (Chief Maranka)
Suzanne Ridgway (Korey)
Mark Sheeler (Eddie)
Lee Rhodes(Norgu)
Grace Mathews (Orchid)
Tani Marsh (Naomi)
Chester Hayes (Maku/The Tabanga)
Lenmana Guerin (Dori)

Alternative Titles

Veio do Inferno – Brazilian title
La vuelta del monstruo – Spanish DVD title
Оно прибыло из ада – Russian title

Extracts included in
It Came from Hollywood (1982)
Monsterama Sci-Fi Late Night Creature Feature Show Vol. 1 (1996)


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