From Dusk till Dawn (1995)

USA, 1995
108m, 9715 feet
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
Dolby Digital, SDDS, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American horror film directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Plot Summary

Brothers Seth and Richie Gecko are on the lam, Richie having sprung his beloved bother from jail. Heading for the Mexico border, The boys wreak mayhem in a roadside convenience store and have the combined forces of Texan law and order on their tails. When the sexually deviant and deeply repellent Richie rapes and murders their hostage, Seth arranges to abduct faithless minister Jacob and his children, Kate and adopted son Scott and have them drive their RV across the border to The Titty Twister, a seedy trucker and biker hangout where the Gecko's are planning to meet their contact at dawn. Once inside the Twister, however, and hypnotised by the seductive allure of demonic dancer Santanico Pandemonium the reluctant travellers realise too late that the bar caters to a very special clientele – .


Director: Robert Rodriguez
© 1995 Miramax Film Corp.
Dimension Films presents a Band Apart in association with Los Hooligans Productions. A Robert Rodriguez film
Executive Producers: Lawrence Bender, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino
Producers: Gianni Nunnari, Meir Teper
Written by: Quentin Tarantino
Original Story: Robert Kurtzman
Director of Photography: Guillermo Navarro
Editor: Robert Rodriguez
Music: Graeme Revell
Production Sound Mixer: Mark Ulano
Costume Designer: Graciela Mazón, Tattoo Artist: Gill Montie
Special Make-up Effects: Kurtzman Nicotero Berger EFX Group
Make-up Effects Supervisor: Robert Kurtzman, Howard Berger
Key Hair and Make-up Artist: Ermahn Ospina
Production Designer: Cecilia Montiel

Harvey Keitel (Jacob Fuller)
George Clooney (Seth Gecko)
Quentin Tarantino (Richard Gecko)
Juliette Lewis (Kate Fuller)
Salma Hayek (Santanico Pandemonium)
Brenda Hillhouse (Gloria Hill)
Marc Lawrence (old timer)
Cheech Marin (border guard/Chet Pussy/Carlos)
Michael Parks (Texas Ranger Earl McGraw)
Kelly Preston (Kelly Houge)
Tom Savini (Sex Machine)
John Saxon (FBI Agent Stanley Chase)
Danny Trejo (Razor Charlie)
Fred Williamson (Frost)
Ernest Liu (Scott Fuller)
John Hawkes (Pete Bottoms)
Tito Larriva (Titty Twister guitarist/vocalist)
Pete Atasanoff (Titty Twister saxophonist)
John Vatos Hernandez (Titty Twister drummer)
Danny the Wonder Pony (Danny the Wonder Pony)
Aimee Graham (blonde hostage)
Heidi Mcneal (red-headed hostage)
Ernest Garcia (Big Emilio)
Greg Nicotero (Sex Machine's buddy)
Cristos (Danny)
Mike Moroff (Manny)
Michelle Berube, Needa Bidasha, Veena Bidasha, Ungela Brockman, Madison Clark, Maria Diaz, Rosalia Hayakawa, Janine Jordae, Jacque Lawson, Houston Leigh, Janie Liszewski, Tia Texada (bar dancers)
Jon Fidele, Michael Mckay, Jake Mckinnon, Josh Patton, Walter Phelan, Wayne Toth, Henrik Von Ryzin (monsters)


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From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014–2016)

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