From Beyond (1986)

35mm film, colour
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American horror film directed by Stuart Gordon.

Plot Summary

Pretorius and Crawford Tillinghast invent a resonator which stimulates the pineal gland, use of which opens up access to alternative dimensions. But it allows creatures from beyond into our world, creatures that seem to kill Pretorius and drive Tillinghast insane. Psychiatrist Dr McMichaels believes his strange story and sets out to recreate the fateful experiment.


* = uncredited

Director: Stuart Gordon
Empire Pictures, Taryn Prov
Executive Producers: Charles Band, Bruce William Curtis
Producer: Brian Yuzna
Script: Stuart Gordon, Dennis Paoli, Brian Yuzna
Story: H.P. Lovecraft
Director of Photography: Mac Ahlberg
Editor: Lee Percy
Music: Richard Band
Costume Designer: Angee Beckett
Special Make-up Effects: William Forsche *
Special Effects: John Carl Buechler, Anthony Doublin, John Naulin, Mark Shostrom
Production Designer: Giovanni Natalucci

Jeffrey Combs (Crawford Tillinghast)
Barbara Crampton (Dr Katherine McMichaels)
Ken Foree (Leroy ‘Bubba' Brown)
Ted Sorel (Dr Edward Pretorius)
Carolyn Purdy-Gordon (Dr Bloch)
Bunny Summers (neighbour lady)
Bruce McGuire (Jordan Fields)
Del Russel (ambulance driver)
Dale Wyatt (paramedic)
Karen Christenfeld (nurse)
Andy Miller (patient in strait jacket)
John Leamer (shock technician)
Regina Bleesz (bondage girl)

Alternative Titles

Aux portes de l'au-delà – French title
Do Além – Brazilian title
From Beyond – des Grauens – German title
From beyond – Terrore dall'ignoto – Italian title
H.P. Lovecraft's From Beyond
Re-sonator – Spanish title
Ritorno del tempo – Italian title
Terrore dall'ignoto – Italian title



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