Frogs (1972)

USA, 1972
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English
Production began on 1 November 1971

An American horror film directed by George McCowan.

Plot Summary

The dysfunctional family of ageing patriarch Jason Crockett gather at his island estate in the Florida everglades only to fall victim to the local wildlife.


Directed by: George McCowan
© American International Productions MCMLXXII [1972]
Samuel Z. Arkoff and James H. Nicholson present an American International production in association with Peter Thomas Productions-George Edwards
Executive Producer: Norman T. Herman
Produced by: George Edwards & Peter Thomas
Screenplay by: Robert Hutchison & Robert Blees
Story by: Robert Hutchison
Director of Photography: Mario Tosi
Film Editor: Fred R. Feitshans Jr
Music Composed and Played by: Les Baxter
Sound Mixer: John Speak
Wardrobe: Phyllis Garr
Make Up: Tom Burman [real name: Thomas R. Burman]
Hairdresser: Jean Austin

Ray Milland (Jason Crockett)
Sam Elliott (Pickett Smith)
Joan Van Ark (Karen Crockett)
Adam Roarke as Clint Crockett)
Judy Pace (Bella Garrington)
Lynn Borden (Jenny Crockett)
Mae Mercer (Maybelle)
David Gilliam (Michael Martindale)
Nicholas Cortland (Kenneth Martindale)
George Skaff (Stuart Martindale)
Hal Hodges (Jay Crockett)
Lance Taylor Sr (Charles)
Carolyn Fitzsimmons (lady in car)
Holly Irving (Iris Martindale)
Robert Sanders (young boy in car)
Dale Willingham (Tina Crockett)

Alternative Titles

O Ataque das Rãs – Brazil
Békák – Hungary
Les Crapauds – French title
Frogs – Die Frösche – West Germany
Frogs – Killer aus dem Sumpf – West Germany
Frösche – West Germany
Granotes – Catalan Spain
Les Grenouilles – Canada (French)
Grodorna – Sweden
A Invasão das Rãs – Brazil
Invazia broastelor – Romania
Kryb – Denmark
Kyûketsu no mure – Japan
Ranas – Spain (Castilian)
As Rãs – Portugal
Sammakot – Finland
Oi Vatrahoi – Greece
Záby – Czechoslovakia
Zaby – Poland

Production Notes

Filming began on 1 November 1971 in Florida.



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