Friday the 13th Part VII – The New Blood (1988)

USA, 1988
84m 34s (UK – video), 88m 1s (UK – theatrical)
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
recorded in Ultra-Stereo, English

An American horror film directed by John Carl Buechler. The seventh instalment in the long-running Friday the 13th franchise, it was the first in which stuntman and actor Kane Hodder took over the role of serial killer Jason Voorhees.

Plot Summary

Tina, an abused young girl with psychic powers, ‘wishes’ her father to death; while visiting Crystal Lake, the pier her old man is standing on collapses and he drowns in the lake. As a consequence of this, poor Tina grows up to be a troubled teen under the care of a suspect shrink. Hoping to exorcise her fears, Tina visits Crystal Lake and, consumed by guilt, wishes her father alive again. But it isn’t her father who comes back from the dead and soon enough Jason is on the prowl again.


Directed by: John Carl Buechler
Copyright MCMLXXXVIII [1988] by Friday Four, Inc.
Paramount Pictures presents a Friday Four, Inc. production of a John Carl Buechler film
Produced by: Iain Peterson
Associate Producer: Barbara Sachs
Written by: Daryl Haney and Manuel Fidello
Director of Photography: Paul Elliott
Edited by: Barry Zetlin and Maureen O’Connell & Martin Jay Sadoff
Music by: Harry Manfredini and Fred Mollin
Sound Mixer: Jan Brodin
Costume Designer: Jacqueline Johnson
Make-Up/Hair: Jerrie Werkman
Special Make-Up Effects by: Magical Media Industries, Inc.
Animatronics: John Criswell, Dave Kindlen
Mechanical Effects by: Image Engineering, Inc.
Production Designer: Richard Lawrence

Lar Park Lincoln (Tina)
Kevin Blair (Nick)
Susan Blu (Mrs Shepard)
Terry Kiser (Dr Crews)
Susan Jennifer Sullivan (Melissa)
Elizabeth Kaitan (Robin)
Jon Renfield (David)
Jeff Bennett (Eddie)
Heidi Kozak (Sandra)
Diana Barrows (Maddy)
Larry Cox (Russell)
Craig Thomas (Ben)
Diane Almeida (Kate)
Kane Hodder as ‘Jason’
Jennifer Banko (young Tina)
John Otrin (Mr Shepard)
William Butler (Michael)
Staci Greason (Jane)
Michael Schroeder (Dan)
Debora Kessler (Judy)
Delano Palughi (rescue worker)

Corey Feldman (Young Tommy)
Thom Mathews (Tommy)
Ted White (Jason)
Kimberly Beck (Tricia)
C.J. Graham (Jason)
Darcy DeMoss (Nikki)
Nancy McLoughlin (Elizabeth)
Michael Nomad (cop on pier)
Tony Goldwyn (Darren)
Lauren Marie Taylor (Vicki)

Alternative Titles

Fredagen den 13:e del 7 – Swedish title
Freitag, der 13. Teil 7 – Jason im Blutrausch – German title
Friday the 13th The New Blood – Part 7 – UK DVD title
Jason im Blutrausch – West German title
Martes 13 Parte 7 – Argentine title
Paraskevi kai 13 No 7 I anatrihila – Greek title
Perjantai 13. päivä osa 7 – Finnish title
Piatek trzynastego VII Nowa krew – Polish title
Sexta-Feira 13 Parte 7 – A Matança Continua – Brazilian title
Sexta-Feira 13 Parte VII – Sangue Novo – Portuguese title
Vendredi 13, chapitre 7 Un nouveau défi – French/French Canadian title
Venerdì 13 il sangue scorre di nuovo – Italian title
Viernes 13 parte VII – La nueva sangre
– Mexican title
Viernes 13 VII: Sangre nueva
– Spanish title

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Extracts included in
His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th (2009)

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