Frankenstein Unbound (1990)

85m, 7693 feet
35mm film, colour (DeLuxe), 1.85:1
Ultra-Stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Roger Corman. It was Corman's last film as director.

Plot Summary

In the 21st century, scientist Joe Buchanan accidentally creates a time warp and finds himself in the 19th century where he finds that was not a fictional character at all but is a very real scientist who has created an artificial human being.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Roger Corman
© 1990 Byron Films Inc
A Mount Company production
Produced by: Roger Corman, Thom Mount, Kobi Jaeger
Associate Producer: Laura J. Medina, Jay Cassidy
Screenplay by: Roger Corman and F.X. Feeney; Edward Neumeier *
Based on the Novel Frankenstein Unbound by: Brian W. Aldiss
Director [sic] of Photography: Armando Nannuzzi, Michael Scott
Edited by: Jay Cassidy, Mary Bauer
Music by: Carl Davis
Sound Mixer: Gary Alper
Costume Designer: Franca Zucchelli
Makeup Artists: Guiliana Decarli
Hair Stylist: Romana Piolanti
Special Makeup Effects by: Nick Dudman
The Monster Created by: Nick Dudman
Set Special Effects: Renato Agostini
Visual Effects by: Bill Taylor, Syd Dutton
Visual Effects: Illusion Arts
Production Designer: Enrico Tovaglieri

John Hurt (Dr Joseph Buchanan)
Raul Julia (Dr Victor Frankenstein)
Bridget Fonda (Mary Godwin Shelley)
Catherine Rabett (Elisabeth)
Jason Patric as [Lord John] Byron
Michael Hutchence as [Percy] Shelley
Nick Brimble as the monster
Catherine Corman (Justine Moritz)
William Geiger (lab technician)
Mickey Knox (General Reade)
Myriam Cyr (information officer)
Terri Treas (computer voice)
Cynthia Allison (newswoman)
Isabella Rocchietta (Dorrie)
Matt Cassidy (boy no 1)
Hauck Bjorck (boy no 2 – on sandbag)
Olga Angelo (girl no 2)
Geoffrey Copleston (innkeeper)
John Karlsen (parson)
Donald Hodson (old man)

Alternative Titles

Frankenstein – Et monster genfødes – Denmark
Frankenstein – O Monstro das Trevas – Brazil
Frankenstein desencadenat – Spain (Catalan)
O Frankenstein desmotis – Greece (television)
Frankenstein en libertad – Peru (television)
Frankenstein oltre le frontiere del tempo – Italy
Frankenstein perdido en el tiempo – Argentina, Peru, Venezuela
Frankenstein Revisitado – Portugal
Frankenstein wyzwolony – Poland
Frankenstein: I alli opsi – Greece (television)
Frankensteinin arvoitus – Finland
Möte med Frankenstein – Sweden
Möte med mord – Sweden
Az Örök Frankenstein – Hungary
Oslobodeni Frankenstajn – Serbia
La resurrección de Frankenstein – Spain
La résurrection de Frankenstein – France
Roger Corman's Frankenstein – West Germany
Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound



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