Frankenstein Island (1981)

USA, 1981
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English
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An American science fiction/horror film directed by Jerry Warren.

Plot Summary

The crew of a record-breaking-attempt hot-air balloon find themselves stranded on a remote island when the balloon crashes. There they are meet a tribe of friendly Amazons, some less friendly mutants and the female descendant of Dr Frankenstein’ who is carrying on the family tradition of meddling in things that should best be left alone…


Directed by: Jerry Warren
MCMLXXXI [1981] [no company given]
Jerry Warren presents a Chriswar production. A Jerry Warren presentation
Produced by: Jerry Warren
Screenplay by: Jaques Lecouter [real name: Jerry Warren]
Director of Photography: Murray De Atley
2nd Unit Camera: Michael Lambert
Gaffer: Don Bettes
Grips: Jim Webb, Norman Yoffe
Music Director: Erich Bromberg [real name: Jerry Warren]
Sound Mixer: Bob Ernst
Sound Assistant: Michael Kellogg
Production Assistant: James Daigh
Production Liaison: Gloria Warren
Filmed in lower California, Baja, Colossal Cave, Tucson, Arizona and Hollywood

Robert Clarke [Dr Paul Hadley]
Steve Brodie [Jocko]
Cameron Mitchell as [Clay] Jayson
Robert Christopher [Mark Eden]
Tain Bodkin [Curtis]
Patrick O’Neil [Dino]
Andrew Duggan [The Colonel]
John Carradine as Dr Frankenstein
Kathrin Victor [Dr Sheila Frankenstein]
George Mitchell [Dr van Helsing]
Dana Norbeck
Laurel Johnson
Richard Banks
James Webb
Marla Conner
Donna Green
Vic Schneider
Melvin [the dog]

Alternative Titles

Frankenstein’s Island
L’isola del dottor Frankenstein – Italian title

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Scary Monsters no.114 (Fall 2019) pp.50-51 – illustrated review (Trilogy of terror by Jim Ivers)