Frankenstein Island (1981)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English
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An American science fiction/horror film directed by Jerry Warren.

Plot Summary

The crew of a record-breaking-attempt hot-air balloon find themselves stranded on a remote island when the balloon crashes. There they are meet a tribe of friendly , some less friendly mutants and the female descendant of Dr ' who is carrying on the family tradition of meddling in things that should best be left alone…


Directed by: Jerry Warren
MCMLXXXI [1981] [no company given]
Jerry Warren presents a Chriswar production. A Jerry Warren presentation
Produced by: Jerry Warren
Screenplay by: Jaques Lecouter [real name: Jerry Warren]
Director of Photography: Murray De Atley
2nd Unit Camera: Michael Lambert
Gaffer: Don Bettes
Grips: Jim Webb, Norman Yoffe
Music Director: Erich Bromberg [real name: Jerry Warren]
Sound Mixer: Bob Ernst
Sound Assistant: Michael Kellogg
Production Assistant: James Daigh
Production Liaison: Gloria Warren
Filmed in lower California, Baja, Colossal Cave, Tucson, Arizona and Hollywood

Robert Clarke [Dr Paul Hadley]
Steve Brodie [Jocko]
Cameron Mitchell as [Clay] Jayson
Robert Christopher [Mark Eden]
Tain Bodkin [Curtis]
Patrick O'Neil [Dino]
Andrew Duggan [The Colonel]
John Carradine as Dr Frankenstein
Kathrin Victor [Dr Sheila Frankenstein]
George Mitchell [Dr ]
Dana Norbeck
Laurel Johnson
Richard Banks
James Webb
Marla Conner
Donna Green
Vic Schneider
Melvin [the dog]

Alternative Titles

Frankenstein's Island
L'isola del dottor Frankenstein – Italian title

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