Frankenstein (1992)

USA, 29 December
35mm film, Technicolor, 4:3
stereo, English

An American science fiction/horror television film directed by David Wickes.

Plot Summary

Dr Victor creates his own man from the body parts scavenged from the recently dead. But the creature flees into the countryside to learn the hard way about the cruelty of the human race.


Directed by: David Wickes
© Turner Pictures, Inc.
Turner Pictures presents a David Wickes production
Executive Producer: David Wickes
Written by: David Wickes
From the Novel by: Mary Shelley
Director of Photography: Jack Conroy
Film Editor: John Grover
Music Composed, Arranged and Conducted by: John Cameron
Sound Recordist: Peter Glossop
Costume Designer: Raymond Hughes
Make-up Supervisor: Alan Boyle
Chief Hairdresser: Patricia Cameron
Special Make-up: Mark Coulier of Image Animation
Special Effects Supervisor: Graham Longhurst
Effects and Models: Effects Associates Ltd
Production Designer: William Alexander

Patrick Bergin (Victor Frankenstein)
John Mills (De Lacey)
Lambert Wilson (Clerval)
Fiona Gillies (Elizabeth)
Randy Quaid (the monster)
Jacinta Mulcahy (Justine)
Ronald Leigh Hunt (Alphonse)
Timothy Stark (William)
Vernon Dobtcheff (chancellor)
Roger Bizley (captain)
Michael Gothard (boatswain)
Marcus Eyre (Zorkin)
John Scarborough (priest)
Jon Laurimore (sailor)
Amanda Quaid (Amy)
Maciek Czapski (hunter 1)
Piotr Szyma (hunter 2)
Wojciech Dabrowski (officer)
Teresa Musialek (landlady)
Ferdynand Matysik (magistrate)
Andrzej Galla (innkeeper)
Boleslaw Abart (stonemason)

Alternative Titles

Frankenstein: The Real Story


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