Frankenstein (1984)

videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British/American science fiction/horror television film directed by James Ormerod.

Plot Summary

Dr Victor becomes obsessed with creating a new life from body parts pilfered from the recently deceased. His experiments seem to be successful – but the creature is terrified and unpredictable and when it flees into the woods, it sets in motion a chain of events that will lead to its downfall, and that of its creator.


* = uncredited

Directed by: James Ormerod *
© Yorkshire Television Limited 1984
Yorkshire Television. In association with Film-Theatre Video Inc.
Executive Producers: Lou Moore, Bob Rubin
Producer: Bill Siegler
Associate Producer: Carol Williams
Adapted by: Victor Gialanella
Based on the Novel by: Mary Shelley [uncredited]
Original Stage Production Director: Tom Moore
Lighting Director: Peter Squires
Cameras: Stuart Hinchcliffe
Technical Supervisor: Dave Holmes
Electrical Supervisor: Mal Irwin
VT Editors: Lance Tattersall, Mike Pearson
Vision Mixer: Sue James
Vision Control: Jim Arnfield
Music Written by: Alan Parker
Sound: Dave Whiteley
Make-up Supervisor: Mary Griffiths
Costume Designer: Charlotte Holdich
Designer: Jeremy Bear
Graphics: Brian Beardmore
Production Assistant: Carole Tudor
Stage Managers: Annette Roche, Alan Sandbrook
Production Associate: Timothy J. Fee
Unit Manager: Mary Rotherham
Taped on location at Ripley Castle and Rudding Park Estate in Yorkshire, England
Casting Director: Malcolm Brury

Robert Powell (Victor Frankenstein)
Carrie Fisher (Elizabeth)
David Warner (creature)
John Gielgud (De Lacey)
Terence Alexander (Alphones Frankenstein)
Susan Wooldridge (Justine)
Michael Cochrane (Henry Clerval)
Graham McGrath (William Frankenstein)
Edward Judd (Metz)
James Coyle (Scholz)
Arnold Peters (Busch)
Roberta Taylor (Gerta)



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