Francis Joins the Wacs (1954)

35mm film, black and white, 2.00:1
mono (Western Electric Recording), English

An American fantasy film directed by Arthur Lubin.

Plot Summary

follows Peter into after he's accidentally drafted to the Women's Army Corps.


Directed by: Arthur Lubin
Copyright MCMLIV [1954] by Universal Pictures Company, Inc.
Universal-International presents. A Universal-International picture
Produced by: Ted Richmond
Screenplay by: Devery Freeman, James B. Allardice
Story by: Herbert Baker
Based on the Character “Francis” Created by: David Stern
Assistant Director: John Sherwood
Director of Photography: Irving Glassberg
Film Editors: Ted J. Kent, Russell Schoengarth
Music Supervision by: Joseph Gershenson
Sound: Leslie I. Carey, Glenn E. Anderson
Make-Up: Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist: Joan St. Oegger
Special Photography: David S. Horsley
Art Direction: Alexander Golitzen, Robert Clatworthy
Set Decorations: Russell A. Gausman, Oliver Emert
Technical Adviser: Lane Carlson

Donald O'Connor (Peter Stirling)
Julia Adams [real name: Julie Adams] (Captain Parker)
Chill Wills (General Kaye)
Mamie Van Doren (Corp. Bunky Hilstrom)
Lynn Bari (Major Louise Simpson)
ZaSu Pitts (Lt. Valerie Humpert)
Francis, the talking mule
Joan Shawlee (Sergeant Kipp)
Allison Hayes (Lt. Dickson)
Mara Corday (Kate)
Karen Kadler (Marge)
Elsie Holmes (Bessie)
Olan Soule (Captain Creavy)
Anthony Radecki (aide)

Alternative Titles

Francis bij de Wacs – Flemish Belgian title
Francis chez les Wacs – French, French Belgian title
Francis Entre as Boas – Brazilian title
Francis Entre Mulheres – Portuguese title
Francis i lotteleiren – Norwegian title
Francisquito entre faldas – Mexican title
Kaos i kasern – Swedish title
Puhuva muuli naiskomppaniassa – Finnish title
Skæg i lottekorpset – Danish title

Sequel to
Francis (1950)
Francis Goes to the Races (1951)
Francis Goes to West Point (1952)
Francis Covers the Big Town (1953)

Francis in the Navy (1955)
Francis in the Haunted House (1956)


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