Forever Young (1992)

101m, 9,127 feet
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.37:1 (negative ratio), 1.85:1 (intended ratio)
Dolby Stereo, English

An American fantasy film directed by Steve Miner.

Plot Summary

In 1939, heartbroken test pilot Daniel McCormick persuades his scientist friend to put him in cryogenic stasis for a year as part of his experiments so that McCormick doesn't have to go through the agony of watching his girlfriend lying in a coma. But the experiment goes wrong and McCormick wakes in 1992…


Director: Steve Miner
Warner Bros.
Executive Producers: Edward S. Feldman, Jeffrey Abrams
Producer: Bruce Davey
Script: Jeffrey Abrams
Director of Photography: Russell Boyd
Editor: Jon Poll
Music: Jerry Goldsmith
Sound Recordist: Jim Tanenbaum
Costume Designer: Aggie Guerard Rodgers
Make-up: Dick Smith, Michael Hancock, Lona Jeffers
Special Make-up: Greg Cannom
Special Effects: Visual Concept Engineering
Mechanical Effects: Image Special Effects Company, Peter Chesney
Digital Effects: Peter Kuran
Production Designer: Gregg Fonseca

Mel Gibson (Captain Daniel McCormick)
Jamie Lee Curtis (Claire Cooper)
Elijah Wood (Nat Cooper)
Isabel Glasser (Helen)
George Wendt (Harry Finley)
Joe Morton (Cameron)
Nicolas Surovy (John)
David Marshall Grant (Lt Col Wilcox USAF)
Robert Hy Gorman (Felix)
Millie Slavin (Susan Finley)
Michael A. Goorjian (Steven)
Veronica Lauren (Alice)
Art LaFleur (Alice's Father)
Eric Pierpoint (Fred)
Walt Goggins (gate MP)
Amanda Foreman (Debbie)
Karla Tamburrelli (Blanche)
Robert Munns (Wrong Harry)
J.D. Cullum (Frank)
Ava Lazar (waitress at diner in 1992)

Alternative Titles

Amore per sempre – Italy
Eternamente Jovem – Portugal
Eternamente joven – Spain
Evigt ung – Sweden
Halhatatlan szerelem – Hungary
Ikuisesti nuori – Finland
Return of Daniel – working title
Wiecznie mlody – Poland



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