Force of Darkness (1985)

USA, 1985
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Alan Hauge.

Plot Summary

After her doctor partner is murdered, Gloria Ramsey is the main suspect until one police officer investigates the dead man’s last patient who believes he is possessed by the Devil.


Director: Alan Hauge
© Paradise Entertainment Corporation 1985
GMT Studios and The Laserfilm Company present the Paradise Film Corporation production
Executive Producer: Thomas D. Hess
Producer: Frank Di Pasquale
Associate Producers: Marta Haley Fields, Dennis Beck
Screenplay: Jack Baylam
Director of Photography: Darrell Davenport
Editor: George Simich
Music: James Gabriel Stipech
Sound Mixer: Richard Cragg
Wardrobe: Lyle Morse
Make-up/Hair Stylist: Jane Galli
Special Effects Make-up: Hal Miles
Art Director: Karl Shields

Mel Novak (Conrad)
Douglas Alan Shanklin as Detective Ben Johnson
Loren Cedar as Gloria Ramsey
Mark Milan (Tom Ramsey)
Matt Chait (Charles Anderson)
Eddie Hailey (Murry)
Marlin Fischer (Ron Hubbard II)
Gordon Rigsby (Dr Rogers)
Christopher Roberts (prison guard)
Clifford Hauge (witness)
Florence Hauge (witness)
William Barber (coroner)
Charles Robert Smithe (police officer #1)
William Douglas (police officer #2)
Tom Hess (police officer #3)
Bill Gordon (police officer #4)
Robert Brazil (police officer #5)
Vicki Wilson (police officer #6)
Don Sommers (police officer #7)
Paul Paone (police officer #8)

Alternative Titles

Alcatraz, O Presídio das Trevas – Brazil
Dark Force – Finland (video), France, Sweden



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