Foes (1977)

35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American/British science fiction film directed by John Coats.

Plot Summary

A young couple living in a lighthouse on a remote island are besieged by as the struggle to cope with the event.


Directed by: John Coats
© 1977 [company not credited]
A Brent Walker Film presentation in association with Peer J. Oppenheimer. A Coats/Alexander/Coats production
Executive Producer: Peer J. Oppenheimer
Produced by: Robert D.E. Alexander, Richard Coats
Associate Producer: Y. Armando Nieto, Douglas M. Kelley Jr
Island Co-ordinator: Dolores Holiday
Written by: John Coats
Assistant Director: Michael Armstrong
Script Supervisor: Virginia Gordon
Photography: Michael Sabo
Underwater Photography: Enmare Productions
Aerial Photography: Continental Camera Systems
Assistant Cameraman: Leonard Evans
1st Assistant [Camera]: Mary Jean Smith
Gaffers: Patrick Hanson, Steve Gray
Key Grip: Brian Callahan
Editor: Daniels McLean
Assistant Editors: Steven Hull, Joanne Masse
Music Composed and Conducted by: Jeff Bruner
Special Music & Sound Effects: Cloudstreet, John Brasher
Orchestra Coordinator: Nancy Reed
Synthesizer Production: Douglas H. Scott
Location Sound: Fred Forsell
Recording Engineer: Daniel Protheroe
Rerecording: Hal Watkins, Kurt Price, Leonard Peterson
Sound Editors: Andrew Patterson, Sarah Jane Vickers, Ron Brody
Make-up Artist & Special Make-up Effects: Susan Cabral
Special Effects Designed and Supervised by: John Coats
Special Effects Cameramen: Scott Farrar, Christopher George
Animators: Lyn Gerry, Woodrow Welsh, Michael Michaud, Christopher Regan
Miniature Construction: Dan Foster, Brian Chin
Optical Effects: Cinema Research, Film Effects of Hollywood
Process [Effects]: Bill Hansard
Titles: William H. Seifert
Production Assistants: Timothy Guyer, Christopher Silagyi
Stunts: Kitty O'Neil, Chuck Tamburro

MacDonald Carey ([Dr James] McCarey)
Jerry Hardin (General Mason)
Jane Wiley (Diane [Summers])
Alan Blanchard (Paul)
Gregory Clemens (Vic)
John Coats (Larry [Summers])
Steven Schrader (investigator [Matt Cummings])
Michael Driscoll (Colonel Petersen)
Matt Oppenheimer (radio operator)
Hansman De Pass (Colonel Helms)
James Driscoll (Major Walters)
Mark Paskos (Maj. General Barret)
Arem Fisher (shopkeeper)
Douglas M. Kelley II (boy [on beach, Doug])
Marilyn Franks (secretary [Nancy])
Mike Martin
Robert Ghen
Robert Beyer
Kevin O'Neill
Keith Melton
Jackie Fisher
Joan McArthur
Philip A. Krome
William Vincent
Michael McAdams

Alternative Titles

Oi ehthroi – Greece
El enemigo – Colombia
O Inimigo Veio do Espaço – Portugal



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