Flight of the Navigator (1986)

35mm film, colour
Dolby Stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Randal Kleiser.

Plot Summary

12 year old David Freeman disappears in 1978. In 1986, he returns but hasn't aged a day and with no memory of where he's been. Nearby, an alien spaceship is found stranded in electricity cables…


Director: Randal Kleiser
PSO and Viking Films present A New Star Entertainment Production in association with Viking Film A/S, Oslo, Norway
Executive Producers: Jonathan Sanger, Mark Damon, John Hyde
Co-executive Producer: Malcolm Harding
Producers: Robby Wald, Dimitri Villard
Co-producer: David Joseph
Script: Michael Burton, Matt MacManus
Story: Mark H. Baker
Director of Photography: James Glennon
Editor: Jeff Gourson
Music: Alan Silvestri
Sound Mixer: Robert Wald
Costumer: Mary Lou Byrd
Make-up: Philip Goldblat
Hair: Diane Johnson
Special Effects Supervisor: Jack Bennett
Special Visual Effects: Cinema Research Corporation
Production Designer: William J. Creber

Joey Cramer (David Scott Freeman)
Paul Mall [real name: Paul Reubens] (voice of Max)
Veronica Cartwright (Helen Freeman)
Cliff De Young (Bill Freeman)
Sarah Jessica Parker (Carolyn McAdams)
Matt Adler (Jeff Freeman, 16 Years)
Howard Hesseman (Dr Faraday)
Robert Small (Troy)
Albie Whitaker (Jeff Freeman(8 years))
Jonathan Sanger (Dr Carr)
Iris Acker (Mrs Howard)
Richard Liberty (Mr Howard)
Raymond Forchion (Detective Banks)
Cynthia Caquelin (woman officer)
Ted Bartsch (Night Guard Brayton)
Gizelle Elliott (female technician #1)
Brigid Cleary (female technician #2)
Michael Strano (technician #3)
Parris Buckner (scientist #1)
Robyn Peterson (scientist #2)

Alternative Titles

Avaruuden sankari – Finland
Borta med tiden – Sweden
Der Flug des Navigators – West Germany
Navigator – Italy
The Navigator – Norway
Tilbage til virkeligheden – Denmark
Ucieczka navigatora – Poland
El vuelo del navegante – Spain

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