Flesh Feast (1970)

USA, 1970
68m [UK], 72m
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Brad F. Grinter.

Plot Summary

A group of Florida-based Nazis have Adolf Hitler’s body and are planning to revive him so they can take over the world.


Directed by: Brad F. Grinter
Viking International Pictures
Executive Producer: Veronica Lake
Produced by: Brad F. Grinter, V.L. Grinter
Written by: Thomas Casey, Brad F. Grinter
Story: Thomas Casey
Director of Photography: Thomas Casey
Production Designer: Harry Kerwin

Veronica Lake (Dr Elaine Frederick)
Phil Philbin (Ed Casey)
Doug Foster (Carl Schumann)
Harry Kerwin (Dan Carter)
Brad Townes (Tyler)
Martha Mischon (Virginia Day)
Dete Parsons (Sharon)
Heather Hughes (Kristine)
Dianne Wilhite (Nurse)
Yanka Mann (Miss Powell)
Craig McConnel (father)
Chris Martell (Max Bauer)
Bill Rogers (José)
Otto Schlessinger (Benito)
Eleanor Vale (Mrs Lustig)
Kay Tremblay (woman in park)
Monica Dagovitz, Debbie Kuhn (nurses)
Bill Kuhn (Ilan)

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