Flesh + Blood (1985)

USA, Spain,
117m (Sweden), 125m (Netherlands)
35mm film, Technovision, colour (DeLuxe), 2.35:1
Dolby, English

An American/Spanish borderline horror film directed by Paul Verhoeven.

Plot Summary

In Europe, a gang of seek their on a lord who refused to pay for their services. They kidnap the woman who is meant to marry the lord's son and flee to a castle where they are soon besieged by the nobleman's angry army. Meanwhile, is ravaging the land around them, and their plans are soon starting to unravel in the most horrific manner.


Directed by: Paul Verhoeven
© 1985 Orion Pictures Corporation
A Riverside Pictures production. A Paul Verhoeven film. An Impala S.A. co-production, An Orion Pictures release
Produced by: Gys Versluys
Associate Producer: José Vicuña
Screenplay by: Gerard Soeteman and Paul Verhoeven
Story by: Gerard Soeteman
Director of Photography: Jan de Bont
Editor: Ine Schenkkan
Music Composed by: Basil Poledouris
Sound: Tom Tholen, Ad Roest
Costume Designer: Yvonne Blake
Special Effects Supervisor: Joe Digaetano
Art Director: Félix Murcia

Rutger Hauer (Martin)
Jennifer Jason Leigh (Agnes)
Tom Burlinson (Steven)
Susan Tyrrell (Celine)
Ronald Lacey (Cardinal)
Jack Thompson (Hawkwood)
Brion James (Karsthans)
John Dennis Johnston (Summer)
Bruno Kirby (Orbec)
Fernando Hilbeck (Arnolfini)
Marina Saura (Polly)
Kitty Courbois (Anna)
Simón Andreu (Miel)
Jake Wood (Little John)
Hans Veerman (Father George)
Héctor Alterio (Niccolo)
Blanca Marsillach (Clara)
Nancy Cartwright (Kathleen)
Jorge Bosso (Sterz)
Mario De Barros (Herman)

Alternative Titles

Amor e Sangue – Portugese title
L'amore e il sangue – Italian title
La chair et le sang– French title
Conquista Sangrenta – Brazilian title
Fleisch & Blut – German title
Kött och blod – Swedish title
Krev a maso – Czech title
Lihaa ja verta – Finnish title
The Rose and the Sword
Los señores del acero – Spanish title
Tuliset miekat – Finnish television title
Den Vilde krigaren– Swedish title

Production Notes

In the USA, the film was awarded an ‘R' rating by the MPAA but at the cost of some of Jennifer Jason Leigh's nudity during the scene and some of the sex scene featuring servant girl Kathleen. An uncut version often played of US cable TV.