Flatliners (1990)

35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Joel Schumacher. Production began on 23 October 1989 1Variety 2 May 1990 p.S-48

Plot Summary

Experiments in “near death” experiences lead to horrific results.


Directed by: Joel Schumacher
Columbia Pictures Corporation, Stonebridge Productions
Executive Producers: Michael Rachmil, Peter Filardi, Scott Rudin
Produced by: Michael Douglas, Rick Bieber
Written by: Peter Filardi
Director of Photography: Jan de Bont
Editor: Robert Brown
Music by: James Newton Howard
Sound Recording: David MacMillan
Costume Designer: Susan Becker
Make-up: Ve Neill
Special Effects: Philip Cory, Hans Metz
Visual Effects Supervisor: Peter Donen
Production Designer: Eugenio Zanetti

Kiefer Sutherland (Nelson Wright)
Julia Roberts (Rachel Mannus)
Kevin Bacon (David Labraccio)
William Baldwin (Joe Hurley)
Oliver Platt (Randy Steckle)
Kimberly Scott (Winnie Hicks)
Joshua Rudoy (Billy Mahoney)
Benjamin Mouton (Rachel's father)
Aeryk Egan (young Nelson)
Kesha Reed (young Winnie)
Hope Davies (Anne)
Jim Ortlieb (Uncle Dave)
John Joseph Duda (young Labraccio)
Megan Stewart, Tressa Thomas, Gonzo Gonzalez (playground kids)
Afram Bill Williams (Ben Hicks)
Deborah Thompson (Terry)
Elinore O'Connell (Rachel's mother)
Marilyn Dodds Frank (bug lady)
Sanna Vraa (Bridget)

Flatliners (2017)



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