Five Children and “It” (1951)

UK, 17 June -24 June 1951
1 series, 2 episodes
35mm film, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television series produced by Dorothea Brooking.

Plot Summary

Five move from London to Kent where they meet a Psammead, a sand fairy, in a gravel pit. He grants them one wish per day which all go wrong leading to situations both comic and serious.


Executive Producers:
Production by: Dorothea Brooking
Adapted by: Vera Larina
Based on the Novel by: E. Nesbit
Music Composed by: John Hooper
Settings by: Lawrence Broadhouse

David Rivers (Cyril)
Jennifer Mallard (Anthea)
Warren Hearnden (Robert)
Pat Cohen (Jane)
Thomas Moore (‘It')
Richard Warner (voice of ‘It')
Iris Ballard (cook)
Daisy Bindley (Martha)
Walter Horsbrugh (the vicar)
Noel Hood (the vicar's wife)
Joyce Gregg (Jessie)
Clive Dunn (Andrew)
John Baker (Beale)
Arnold Diamond (Golden Eagle)
Noel Coleman, Stephen Alexander, Alex Davion, Donald Masters (red Indian)


The Beginning of “It” (17 June 1951)
The End of “It” (24 June 1951)