First Men in the Moon (1964)

“filmed in Dynamation the miracle of the screen and Panavision” [released in Cinerama in Germany], 35mm, 70mm [blow-up], Lunacolor by Pathe, 2.35:1
mono, English

A British/American science fiction film directed by Nathan Juran, co-scripted by Nigel Kneale from the H.G. Wells story.

Plot Summary

A team of United Nations arrive on to find that someone has beaten them to it. They find a tiny Union Jack flag and a note proclaiming the moon as the property of Queen Victoria and investigations lead to an aged author, Arnold Bedford, who tells how he, his fiancé Katherine Callender and an eccentric inventor, Joseph Cavor, had made it to the moon in 1899. He also tells them of the strange creatures they met there…


Directed by: Nathan Juran
© MCMLXIV [1964] by American Films Ltd
Columbia Pictures presents a Charles H. Schneer production
Produced by: Charles H. Schneer
Associate Producer: Ray Harryhausen
Production Manager: Ted Wallis
Screenplay by: Nigel Kneale & Jan Read
From the original story by H.G. Wells
Assistant Director: George Pollard
Continuity: Eileen Head
Photographed by: Wilkie Cooper
Camera Operator: Harry Gillam
Lunacolor by Pathe
Editor: Maurice Rootes
Music by: Laurie Johnson
Sound Recordists: Buster Ambler, Red Law
Westrex Recording System
Creator of Special Visual Effects: Ray Harryhausen
Selenite Designer: Brian Kneale [uncredited]
Technical Staff: Les Bowie, Kit West
Title Designer: Sam Suliman
Art Director: John Blezard
Technical Advisor: Arthur Garrett
The Producer acknowledges with thanks the co-operation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington D.C. and The Ministry of Aviation, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, England in the making of this film.
Made at: Shepperton Studios – England

Edward Judd as [Arnold] Bedford
Martha Hyer as Kate [Callender]
Lionel Jeffries as [Joseph] Cavor
Miles Malleson (Dymchurch registrar)
Norman Bird (Stuart)
Gladys Henson (nursing home matron)
Hugh McDermott (Richard Challis)
Betty McDowall (Maggie Hoy)
Erik Chitty [Gibbs – uncredited]
Laurence Herder [Glushkov – uncredited]
Marne Maitland [Dr Tok – uncredited]
Paul Carpenter [reporter from the Express – uncredited]
Huw Thomas [announcer – uncredited]
Gordon Robinson [Sergeant Andrew Martin – uncredited]
Sean Kelly [Colonel Rice – uncredited]
John Murray Scott [Cosmonaut Nevsky – uncredited]
Peter Finch [bailiff's man – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Base luna chiama terra – Italy
Ensimmäiset miehet kuussa – Finland
Die Erste Fahrt zum Mond – Germany
Först på månen – Sweden
Første mand på månen – Denmark
La gran sorpresa – Spain
Les premiers hommes dans la lune – French Belgian title

Extracts included in
The Martians and Us: From Apes to Aliens (2007)

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