Firehead (1990)

35mm film, colour, stereo

An American science fiction film directed by Peter Yuval.

Plot Summary

A Russian cyborg with telekinetic powers gets lose in an American city and is pursued by a team of agents who uncover corruption at the highest levels of power.


Directed by: Peter Yuval
© MCMXC [1991] The Winters Group
Pyramid Distribution presents a Winters Group production in association with Sovereign Investment Corporation. A Peter Yuval film
Executive Producers: David Winters, Marc Winters
Produced by: Peter Yuval
Written by: Peter Yuval, Jeff Mandell
Director of Photography: Paul Maibaum
Editor: Steve Nielson
Music by: Vladimir Horunzhy
Sound Mixer: Palmer Norris
Costume Designer: Judy Sims
Makeup: Brenda Hearn
Pyrotechnics: David Bishop
Art Director: Buzz Crump
Casting by: Billy DaMota Casting

Christopher Plummer (Vaughn)
Chris Lemmon (Hart)
Brett Porter (Ivan)
Gretchen Becker (Meila)
Martin Landau (Admiral Pendleton)
George Elliot (Fullbright)
Ed Kearney (the President)
Douglas Simms (Taggart)
Lauren Levy (Smith)
Ralph Sims (Shaw)
Thomas Alden-Smith [real name: Thomas C. Smith-Alden (Devries)
Eugene Walters (Simonn)
Robert MacDowell (Spector)
Graham Timbes (Russian commander)
Ann Thornton (female reporter)
Kyle Weir (male reporter)
Michael Simpson (President's agent)
David Scott (special operations agent)
Emile Jones (guard)
Kelly Worrel (upper order girl)
Frank Aplin (deputy sheriff)
John McConnell (computer man)

Alternative Titles

Apolyto oplo – Greece (video)
Forza di fuoco – Italy
Ojos de fuego – Spain
Olhos de Fogo – Brazil
Sguardi di fuoco – Italy (DVD)
Огнена сила – Bulgaria



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