Firebird 2015 AD (1980)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

A Canadian science fiction film directed by David M. Robertson.

Plot Summary

In the near future, the US government bans all private vehicles in a last ditch effort to conserve dwindling resources. But many disobey the ruling and will do whatever it takes to still drive their , no matter what the cost.


Director: David M. Robertson
© Mara Film Productions Ltd. 1980
Mara Film Productions Ltd. presents
Executive Producer: Harold Sobel
Producer: Glenn Ludlow
Screenplay: Barry Pearson, Maurice Hurley, Biff McGuire
Director of Photography: Robert Fresco
Film Editor: Michael MacLaverty
Original Music by: Paul Hoffert, Lawrence Shragge
Sound Mixer: Ralph Parker
Costume Designer: Wendy Partridge
Make-up and Hairstylist: Jane Dancose
Special Effects: Neil Trifunovich
Art Director: Richard Hudolin
Casting: Holly Dale

Darren McGavin (Red)
Doug McClure (McVain)
George Touliatos (Indy)
Mary Beth Rubens (Jill)
Robert Charles Wisden (Cam)
Alex Diakun (Dolan)
Barbara Williams (Shana)
Bill Berry (burner)
Frank Pellegrino (Chance)
Lee Broker (Saunders)
Tony Sharpe (Senator Curtis)
Fred Keating (bodyguard #1)
Gary Paller (bodyguard #2)

Alternative Titles

Höllenhunde des Highways – West German (video)
Vauhtihurjat vuonna 2015 – Finland (video)

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The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made (2004)

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