Fight for Your Life (1977)

35mm, colour
mono, English

An American exploitation film with horror elements directed by Robert A. Endelson which found a place on the British “” in the 1980s. It stars William Sanderson who, a few years later, would get a much higher profile role as genetics designer J.F. Sebastian in Blade Runner (1982).

Plot Summary

Three escape jail and force their way into the home of a black minister and his family. The gang terrorise and humiliate the family, the daughter and push the minister so far that he finally fights back and gets his bloody .


Directed by: Robert A. Endelson
© MCMLXXVII [1977] Fightin' Family Productions, Ltd.
William Mishkin Motion Pictures presents. Released by William Mishkin Motion Pictures, Inc. A Robert A. Endelson film
Executive Producer: William Mishkin
Produced by: William Mishkin and Robert A. Endelson
Associate Producers: Rick Endelson, Straw Weisman
Original Screenplay by: Straw Weisman
Director of Photography: Lloyd Freidus
Editor: Robert A. Endelson
Music Composed and Conducted by: Jeff Slevin
Sound Recorder: Carl Kriegeskotte
Costumes: Sara Brook
Make Up Artist: Joan Puma
Special Effects: Doug Hart
Art Director: Ronald Merk
Locations: Chatham, Ghent, New York, USA

William Sanderson (Kane)
Robert Judd (Ted Turner)
Reginald Blythewood (Floyd Turner)
Lela Small (Grandma Turner)
Daniel Faraldo (Chino)
Catherine Peppers (Mrs Turner)
Yvonne Ross (Corrie Turner)
Peter Yoshida (Ling)
Richard A. Rubin (Captain Hamilton)
David Dewlow (Joey)
Bonni Martin (Karen)
David Cargill (Lt Reilly)
Ramon Saunders (Val Turner)
Queenie Endelson (dog)
Nick Mariano (Tony)
Robert Whelan (liquor store owner)
Lenny Chance (drunk driver)
Peter Charbonneau (gas station victim)
Stephen Griffith (reporter)
Maxine McCrey (prostitute)

Alternative Titles

Ausbruch zur Hölle – West Germany
Bloodbath at 1313 Fury Drive
Getting Even
Held Hostage
The Hostage's Bloody Revenge
– alternative title
Tsakalia tis kolaseos
– Greece
I Hate Your Guts
Staying Alive
– early title
Taistelu elämästä
– Finland
Tappava pelko
– Finland



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