Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

35mm film, 70mm film, Technicolor, 2.35:1, 2.20:1 [70mm prints]
mono (35mm prints), stereo (35mm mag-optical prints),70mm 6-Track (Westrex Recording System) (70mm prints), English, Hebrew, Russian

An American musical film with some fantasy sequences directed by Norman Jewison.

Plot Summary

In pre-revolutionary Russia, a Jewish peasant has to find husbands for his three daughters while anti-Semitic feelings threatens the tranquillity of his village life. long the way, he lies about having a dream which is shown in full and the dead return to life to issue prophecies that later come true.


Director: Norman Jewison
The Mirisch Production Company presents
Producer: Norman Jewison
Associate Producer: Patrick Palmer
Screenplay: Joseph Stein
Original Musical Play (Book): Joseph Stein
Original Musical Play (Music): Jerry Bock
Original Musical Play (Lyrics): Sheldon Harnick
Original Play: Sholom Aleichem
Director of Photography: Oswald Morris
Editor: Antony Gibbs, Robert Lawrence
Music: Jerry Bock
Sound Recording: David Hildyard
Costumes: Elizabeth Haffenden, Joan Bridge
Special Effects: John Stears
Production Designer: Robert Boyle

Topol (Tevye)
Norma Crane (Golde)
Leonard Frey (Motel)
Molly Picon (Yente)
Paul Mann (Lazar Wolf)
Rosalind Harris (Tzeitel)
Michele Marsh (Hodel)
Neva Small (Chava)
Paul Michael Glaser (Perchik)
Ray Lovelock (Fyedka)
Elaine Edwards (Shprintze)
Candy Bonstein (Bielke)
Shimen Ruskin (Mordcha)
Zvee Scooler (Rabbi)
Louis Zorich (Constable)
Alfie Scopp (Avram)
Howard Goorney (Nachum)
Barry Dennen (Mendel)
Vernon Dobtcheff (Russian official)
Ruth Madoc (Fruma Sarah)

Alternative Titles

Anatevka – Dutch, German title
Damdaki kemancı – Turkish title
Guslač na krovu – Croatian title
Hegedűs a háztetőn – Hungarian title
Kinor al ha-Gag – Israeli title
Scripcarul pe acoperiş – Romanian title
Skrzypek na dachu – Polish title
Spelman på taket – Swedish, Swedish Finnish title
Spelemann på taket – Norwegian title
Spillemand på en tagryg – Danish title
Un violon sur le toit – French, French Canadian title
Violon-zan rooy-e bam – Iranian title
El violinista a la teulada – Catalan Spanish title
El violinista en el tejado – Argentine, Peruvian, Spanish title
Violinista en el tejado – Mexican title
Um Violinista no Telhado – Brazilian title
Violinista na krovu – Serbian title
Il violinista sul tetto – Italian title
Um Violino no Telhado – Portuguese title
O violistis sti stegi – Greek re-release title
O violistis stin stegi – Greek title
Viulunsoittaja katolla – Finnish title
Yane no ue no vaiorin-hiki – Japanese title
Ο βιολιστής στη στέγη – Greek title
Скрипаль на даху – Ukrainian title
Скрипач на крыше – Russian title
Цигулар на покрива – Bulgarian title


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