Fer de Lance (1974)

USA, 18 October
35mm film, colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American horror television film directed by Russell Mayberry.

Plot Summary

The crew of an American submarine fight for their lives after a container of poisonous which has been smuggled aboard breaks open and the vessel is stranded on the sea bed after an accident.


Directed by: Russell Mayberry
© MCMLXXIV [1974]
Leslie Stevens Productions presents
Executive Producer: Dominic Frontiere
Producer: Elaine Michea
Associate Producer: Clifford Wenger
Production Manager: Arthur Levinson
Written by: Leslie Stevens
Asst. Director: Arthur Levinson
Script Supervisor: Wallace C. Bennett
Director of Photography: John M. Stephens
Camera Operator: John F. Kiser Jr
Chief Electrician: Richard T. Hart
Key Grip: Richard Randall
Supervising Editor: Bill Butler
Editor: F. Earle Herdan
Assistant Editor: George Trirogoff
Sound: Harold M. Etherington
Re-recording: Richard Portman
Sound Effects: Igo Kanter
Costumer: Arnold J. Lipin
Make Up: Ted Coddley
Hairdresser: Alfreda J. Phillips
Special Effects: Thomas L. Fisher
Set Dresser: Fred R. Price
Property Master: Thomas Gark
Filmed at: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios
Casting: Jack G. Roberts

David Janssen (Russ Bogan)
Hope Lange (Elaine Wedell)
Ivan Dixon (Joe Voit)
Jason Evers (Commander Kirk)
Charles Knox Robinson (Lieutenant Nicholson)
George Pan (Torquale)
Robert Ito (Masai Ikeda)
Ben Piazza as Lt. Whitehead
William Mims (Mayne Bradley)
Shizuko Hoshi (Suan Kuroda)
Frank Bonner (Compton)
Richard Le Pore as Chief Hughes
Sandra Ego (Teresita)
Felipe Turich (Shaman)
Alain Patrick (Sorrell)
Robert Burr (Commdr. Scott)
Richard Guthrie (Morgan)
Phillip Montgomery (Graves)
Elvenn Harvard (Holland)
Bill Catching (Chief Warren)

Alternative Titles

Agonia ton vython – Greek theatrical title
Opération serpent
– France
Terreur sous la mer
– France

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