Fei zhou he shang (1991)

Hong Kong,
35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), colour, 2.35:1

A Hong Kong comedy horror film directed by Billy Chan.

Plot Summary

A Chinese vampire is being transported by plane over Africa. But the plane crashes and the vampire and his two travelling companions, one of them a magician, are stranded in a remote village.


Director: Billy Chan
Executive Producer: Barry Wong
Producers: Charles Heung, Jimmy Heung
Associate Producer: Gerda Van Den Broek
Production Managers: James Kiat, Amy Lam, Elmien Van Hees
Assistant Production Manager: Chan Wai Keung
Production Coordinator: Chantelle De Carvalho
Script: Barry Wong
Assistant Directors: Wilson Cheung, Juanet van der Westhuizen
2nd Assistant Director: Michael Yip
Directors of Photography: Henry Chan, Wingle Chan, Buster Reynolds
Editors: Johan Lategan, Alan Poon
Assistant Editors: Nicolyn Gee, Hayley Morris, Cindy Slingsby
Music: Lowell Lo, John Weddepohl; Lalo Schifrin (theme from Enter the Dragon)
Sound Recordists: Bill Jacques, Henry Prentice
Dialogue Editor: Lyn Tompkin
Sound Effects Editors: Julie Van Der Berg, Derek Ward
Foley Editors: Francois De Villiers, Nikki De Beer
Sound Assistant: Patrick Wilbraham
Make-up: Debbi Davidson, Lana Levin, Shiu Kin On
Art Director: Frederick Chan
Production Consultant: Jamie Uys
Transportation Controler: Peter Mahlangu
Driver: George Boshomane, Jack Leso, Amos Mahlangu
Locations: England, UK; South Africa
Stunts: Mandy Chang, Hon Chun, Hau Yiu Chung, Cheung Wing Hon
Aerial Stunts: Paul Sieber [real name: Paul Siebert]

N!xau (N!xau The Bushman)
Ching-Ying Lam (Master HiSing (Wise One in English language version))
Sam Christopher Chow (Leo (Sam in English language version))
Lung Chan (the vampire (ancestor in English language version))
Stephen Chow (narrator)
Paddy O'Byrne (English language version narrator)
Man Tat Ng (Mandarin language version narrator)
Michelle Bestbier (Susan)
Saul Bamberger (Johnson)
Peter Mahlangu (Peter)
Bo Kaesje (Ball)
Christopher Kubheka (Xabo)
Elias Meintjies (Tree)
Charlotte Matshele (girl with bell #1)
Sweetness Kunene (girl with bell #2)
Betty Ramakuhia (girl with bell #3)
Fanyana Siduma (witch doctor)
Jumbo Shibakwa (African mummy)
Jonathan Pienaar (aeroplane pilot)
Mike Kirkinis (helicopter pilot)
Graham Armitage (auctioneer)

Alternative Titles

Crazy Safari
Os Deuses Devem (Mesmo) Estar Loucos – Portugal
Jetzt noch mehr verrückte Götter – Germany
The Gods Must Be Crazy III
Must Be Crazy

Sequel to
The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)
The Gods Must Be Crazy II (1989)

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