Feeders (1996)

videotape, colour, 1.33:1
stereo, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Jon McBride, John Polonia and Mark Alan Polonia.

Plot Summary

Two friends on a road find themselves in a small town where are feeding off the locals.


Directed by: Jon McBride, Mark Alan Polonia, John Polonia
Copyright 1996 [no company given]
Polonia Bros. Entertainment in association with Intercoast Video present a Polonia Bros/Intercoast Video production
Produced by: Albert Z. White
Written by: Mark Alan Polonia
Director of Photography: Aurthur [sic] Daniels
Special Lighting: Billy F. Koister
Cameras: Bob Duarte, Kim Skong, Aurther [sic] P. Regent,
Editor: Paul Alans
Assistant Editor: J.J. Josephs
Sound: Jerry Stevens
Sound Editor: Eileen Brimston
Sound Effects Editor: Jerry Stevens Jr
Special Effects Make Up: Aaron V. Littel
Aliens Created by [opening credits] Aliens Designed and Fabricated by [end credits]: Bill Morrison
Puppeteers: Annie Lawyers, Ted Suskikai, Barry Netze
Visual Effects: Phillip Ogden
Production Crew: Vinnie Laboreux, Ellen Parks, Jane Anne Sawert, Dick Castone, Art McDulley
Production Assistant: Adam Cleveland
Dolly and Camera Equipment Supplied by: Reel Camera Rental
Cars Provided by: Luxerious Wheels, Inc.
Additional Footage Supplied by: Kevin Lindenmuth
The producers of this motion picture would like to thank the following: The State Park Commision [sic]; the town of Wellsboro; Brimstone Productions; The Portrait Gallery

Jon McBride (Derek)
John Polonia (Bennett)
Sebastian Barran (doctor)
Melissa Torpy (Michelle)
Maria Russo [real name: Maria Davis] (Donna)
Todd Carpenter (fisherman)
Gary LeBlanc as Ranger Gordon
Mark Polonia [evil Bennett – uncredited]

Feeders 2: Slay Bells (1998)