Fear in the Night (1972)

85m, 8,468 feet
35mm, Technicolor
mono, English
Reviewed at The

A British psychological horror film directed by Jimmy Sangster.

Plot Summary

Shortly before her new husband takes up a position as a teacher at a boy's school, Peggy is attacked by a one-armed man. When she arrives at the virtually deserted school, she is horrified to find that the sinister headmaster has only one arm…


Directed by: Jimmy Sangster
© MCMLXXII [1972] Hammer Film Productions Ltd.
A Hammer production
Produced by: Jimmy Sangster
Production Manager: Christopher Neame
Production Supervisor: Roy Skeggs
Screen-Play by: Jimmy Sangster, Michael Syson
Assistant Director: Ted Morley
Continuity: Gladys Goldsmith
Director of Photography: Arthur Grant
Camera Operator: Neil Binney
Editor: Peter Weatherley
Music Composed by: John McCabe
Musical Supervisor: Philip Martell
Sound Recordist: Claude Hitchcock
Sound Editor: Roy Hyde
Dubbing Recording: Dennis Whitlock
Recording Director: Tony Lumkin [real name: A.W. Lumkin]
RCA Sound System
Wardrobe Supervisor: Rosemary Burrows
Make-up: Bill Partleton [real name: W.T. Partleton]
Hairdresser: Helen Lennox
Art Director: Don Picton
Set Dresser: Penny Struthers
Construction Manager: Bill Greene
Made at Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, England
Casting Director: James Liggat

Judy Geeson (Peggy)
Joan Collins (Molly)
Ralph Bates (Robert)
Peter Cushing ([Michael] the headmaster)
James Cossins (doctor)
Gillian Lind (Mrs Beamish)
Brian Grellis (2nd policeman)
John Bown (1st policeman)

Alternative Titles

Dynasty of Fear – re-release title
Honeymoon of Fear – alternative title
Ihmisvampyyrit – Finnish title
Miedo en la noche – Spanish title
Nachts kommt die Angst – German title
Nocne leki – Polish title
Paura nella notte – Italian title
Skräckens hus – Swedish title

Extracts included in
Peter Cushing: A One-Way Ticket to Hollywood (1989)
The World of Hammer: Hammer Stars: Peter Cushing (1994)

Cast Gallery

Production Notes

Filming began on 15 November 1971 1Today's Cinema no.9951 (26 October 1971) p.8 (Films shooting in November)



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