Faust (1911)

UK, 1911
35mm film, black and white
synchronised sound

A British fantasy film directed by Cecil M. Hepworth.

Plot Summary

Faust sells his soul to The Devil.


Director: Cecil M. Hepworth
Closet Drama: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Music: Charles Gounod (from the opera Faust)

Hay Plumb (Faust)
Claire Pridelle (Marguerite)
Jack Hulcup (Mephistopheles)
Frank Wilson (Valentine)

Production Notes

Cecil M. Hepworth’s addition to the Faust canon, shot at his studio in Walton-on-Thames, boasted synchronised sound, using Hepworth’s own Vivaphone system, and featured his perennial leading man Hay Plumb (a director in his own right from 1912) as Faust, with Claire Pridelle as Marguerite and Jack Hulcup as the demonic Mephistopheles. The narrative again owed more to the opera of Charles Gounod than to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s original, a precedent that had been set by Arthur Gilbert’s synchronised sound version and one which would, ironically, remain unbroken throughout the silent era.



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