Faust (1910)

France, UK, Italy, 1910
500 metres/2 reel
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1
synchronised sound

A French/British/Italian fantasy film directed by Henri Andréani, David Barnett and Enrico Guazzoni. Following Arthur Gilbert’s lead, director David Barnett’s Animatophone company teamed with Italian and French producers to make their own Faust with a synchronised gramophone soundtrack, though it failed to match Gilbert’s last such effort in scope and stopped well short of filming the entire Charles Gounod opera.


Directors: Henri Andréani, David Barnett, Enrico Guazzoni
Animatophone, Pathé Cinéma, Eclair
Music: Charles P. Müller, Charles Gounod (from the opera Faust)

Ugo Bazzini
Fernanda Negri Pouget
Alfredo Bracci
Giuseppe Gambardella



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