Fascination (1979)

35mm film, colour

A French horror film directed by Jean Rollin.

Plot Summary

A group of middle class women gather at a turn of the century chateau to indulge in ritual blood drinking, supposedly as a cure for anaemia. A young crook, Mark, pulls off a gold robbery, double crosses his friends and seeks refuge in the mansion where the blood drinking women are staging their latest ritual. The women have decided that simply drinking animal blood is no longer enough and have chosen two of their number, Elisabeth and Eva, to find a suitable human victim. The arrival of Mark and, shortly thereafter, the rest of his gang, provide them with more than enough resources…


A Film by (“Un film de”): Jean Rollin
© [not given on screen]
Consortium Europeen Cinematographique presents a Comex Productions, Films ABC co-production
Producer: Joe De Lara
Written by (“Un film de”): Jean Rollin
Director of Photography: Georgie Fromentin
Editor: Dominique Saint-Cyr
Music: Philippe d' Aram
Sound Engineer: Claude Panier
Costumes: Les Costumes de Paris
Make-up: Eric Pierre

Franka Mai [Elisabeth]
Brigitte Lahaie [Eva]
Jean-Marie Lemaire [Marc]
Fanny Magier [Hélène]
Muriel Montossé [Anita]
Sophie Noel [Sylvie]
Evelyne Thomas [Dominique]
Agnès Bert
Alain Plumey [real name: Cyril Val]
Myriam Watteau
Joe De Lara
Jacques Sansoul



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