Fantomcat (1995-1996)

UK, 7 September 1995-18 December 1996
2 series, 26 episodes, average 25m
colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British animated fantasy television series created by Andy Roper.


Phillipe L’Entrique Elan de Chanel, Count Givenchy and Duke of Fantom leads a secret double life as Fantomcat, a masked hero who was trapped inside a painting on New Year’s Eve 1699 by the evil Baron von Skelter. Many years later, when his ancestral home has been surrounded by the sprawling city of Metrocity, rued over by arachnid gang lord Marmagora, Fantomcat is freed on 31 December 1999 and joins the Wildcat Detective Agency to fight crime.


Regular Crew
Cosgrove Hall Films for Anglia Television
Created by: Andy Roper
Executive Producers: Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall
Produced by: Ben Turner, Andy Roper
Music: Phil Bush

Regular Voices
Robert Powell (Phillipe L’Entrique Elan de Chanel, Count Givenchy and Duke of Fantom; Great Grandfather L’Entrique Elan de Chanel; Father L’Entrique Elan de Chanel)
Lorelei King (Tabitha “Tabs” Wildcat; Marmagora)
Jimmy Hibbert (Bunty the mouse; Leandra Bagshot; Lindbergh the pigeon; Hiram “Big” Bucks; the mayor; Vile the bluebottle; Vinnie the vole; the crab twins; Lurk)
Rob Rackstraw (Police Chief Axel Schmiere; the crab twins; Baron Hugo von Skelter; The Monitor; Nemesis)


Series 1
The Hero Returns (7 September 1995)
The Preying Mantis (14 September 1995)
The Swords of the Scorpion (21 September 1995)
The Aeroship (28 September 1995)
The Asteroid Adventure (5 October 1995)
The Mind Leech (12 October 1995)
Lady Gobbling’s Gems (26 October 1995)
Great Balls of Fire (2 November 1995)
The Chameleons of Death (9 November 1995)
The Crystal of Nemesis (16 November 1995)
The Eye of Harakti (23 November 1995)
Where the Heart Is (30 November 1995)
The Web of Doom (7 December 1995)

Series 2
Once Upon a Time Machine (25 September 1996)
The Manhattan Incident (2 October 1996)
Cinema Purradiso (9 October 1996)
MacFlash! Warrior of the Skies (16 October 1996)
Tomb of the Fantoms (23 October 1996)
Revenge of the Monitor (30 October 1996)
The Treasure of the Belerophon (6 November 1996)
The Lonely Hearts Club (13 November 1996)
The Mirror Monster (20 November 1996)
MacDuff, Private Eye (27 November 1996)
The Curse of Evillia (4 December 1996)
The Incredible Shrinking Fantomcat (11 December 1996)
One Good Deed (18 December 1996)



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