Fantastic Voyage (1966)

35mm film, CinemaScope, colour, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Richard Fleischer.

Plot Summary

A key diplomat is shot by assassins and lies dying on the operating table, a bullet lodged beyond the reach of conventional surgery. His only hope are a team of surgeons and who are miniaturized and, aboard a similarly shrunken hi-tech submarine, injected into his bloodstream. They have just 60 minutes to save the diplomat before they revert to their normal size but they have to battle antibodies and a saboteur along the way.


Directed by: Richard Fleischer
© MCMLXVI [1966] by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Twentieth Century-Fox presents a CinemaScope picture. A CinemaScope picture produced and released by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Produced by: Saul David
Unit Production Manager: Eric Stacey
Screenplay by: Harry Kleiner
Adaptation by: David Duncan
Based on a Story by: Otto Klement and Jay Lewis Bixby
Assistant Director: Ad Schaumer
Director of Photography: Ernest Laszlo
Film Editor: William B. Murphy
Color by: DeLuxe
Music: Leonard Rosenman
Sound: Bernard Freericks, David Dockendorf
Westrex Recording System
Makeup by: Ben Nye
Hair Styles by: Margaret Donovan
Special Photographic Effects: L.B. Abbott, Art Cruickshank, Emil Kosa Jr
Titles by: Richard Kuhn & National Screen Service
Art Direction: Jack Martin Smith, Dale Hennesy
Set Decorations: Walter M. Scott, Stuart A. Reiss
Technical Advisers: Fred Zendar, flying sequences: Peter Foy
Creative Production Research: Harper Goff
Locations: Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USA *
The makers of this film are indebted to the many , technicians and research scientists, whose knowledge and insight helped guide this production

Stephen Boyd (Grant)
Raquel Welch (Cora [Peterson])
Edmond O'Brien (General Carter)
Donald Pleasence (Dr Michaels)
Arthur O'Connell (Col. Donald Reid)
William Redfield (Capt. Bill Owens)
Arthur Kennedy (Dr Duval)
Jean Del Val (Jan Benes)
Barry Coe (communications aide)
Ken Scott (secret service)
Shelby Grant (nurse)
James Brolin (technician)
Brendan Fitzgerald (wireless operator)

Alternative Titles

Den fantastiska resan – Sweden
Fantastinen matka – Finland
Fantastisch Experiment – Netherlands
Fantastyczna podróz – Poland
Fantasztikus utazás – Hungary
Microscopia – early title
Die Phantastische Reise – Germany
Strange Journey
Viagem Fantástica – Portugal
Viaggio allucinante – Italy
Viaje alucinante – Spain
El viaje fantástico – Venezuela
Le voyage fantastique – France

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