Family Reunion (1989)

colour, black and white
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Michael Hawes.

Plot Summary

A man is haunted by bizarre of Satanic rituals every . One year, he takes his family on a trip and they end up in a creepy ghost town where the man's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic as his dreams start to come true. What terrible secret is his father keeping from him?


Director: Michael Hawes
Copyright Bullseye Entertainment Group
Spectrum Entertainment presents a Bullseye Entertainment Group production
Executive Producer: Stuart Newman
Producer: Michael Hawes
Co-Producer: Lindsay Fontana
Associate Producer: Steve Jacobson
Script: Michael Hawes
Director of Photography: Jack Anderson
Editor: Rose Anne Weinstein
Music: Bob Mamet
Post Production Sound: Bill Oliver
Los Angeles Crew Wardrobe: Barbara Verrill
Nevada Crew Make Up/Hair: Ann Giffitt
Los Angeles Crew Make Up/Hair: Kathleen Hagan
Special Effects: Jeff Varga

Jack Starrett (Charlie)
Mel Novak (Tom Andrews)
Pam Phillips (Kathy Andrews)
John Andes (Henry Andrews)
A.J. Woods (Billy Andrews)
Kaylin Cool (Erin Andrews)
Brad Kelly (Mel)
Ken Corey (Clarence)
Victoria Hirsch (young woman)
Summer Packer (little girl)
Jessie Watts (young Tom Andrews)
“Ed” (young Henry Andrews)
Richard Hawkins (Lew)
Janet Lee Orcutt (Bronson)
Lyle Kanouse (Little)
Cliff Burson (janitor)
Daniel Friedman (skinhead)
Lucy Michelle (hooker)