Fallout (1998)

35mm film, colour
Ultra Stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Rodney McDonald.

Plot Summary

The Americans and Russians are building a space station. When it becomes clear that there are problems with the station, systems expert Amanda McCord heads off to investigate, along with Russian technician Fedorov. But Fedorov is a member of a terrorist group who overrun the station and threaten to use orbiting against the USA if their demands aren't met. Only shuttle pilot J.J. Hendricks can save McCord and prevent catastrophe back on Earth.


Director: Rodney McDonald
Royal Oaks Entertainment presents an Amitraj/Stevens Production
Executive Producer: Alan Bursteen
Producers: Ashok Amritraj, Andrew Stevens
Line Producer: William B. Steakley
Script: Christopher Bennet Bremble
Director of Photography: Irek Hartowicz
Editor: W. Peter Miller
Music: David Wurst, Eric Wurst
Production Sound Mixer: David M. Waelder
Costume Designer: Isabela Braga
Key Make-up: Pam L. Phillips
Hair: Katrina Chevalier
Special Effects Coordinator: Dale Newkirk
Visual Effects and Miniatures: Wonderworks Inc, Brick Price, John Palmer, Troy Palmer Hughes, Porfie Martinez
Production Designer: Milo Needles

Daniel Baldwin (J.J. Hendricks)
Frank Zagarino (Captain Previ Federov)
Teri Ann Linn (Amanda McCord)
Scott Valentine (Captain George Tanner)
John Reilly (General Abrams)
Hannes Jaenicke (Pritch)
David Leisure (Peter Colgrove)
Michael Holden (Kormorov)
Michael Khmurov (Batavki)
Krzysztof Pieczynski (Ivan Nevski)
Joseph Ashton (Ethan)
Paul Terrell Clayton (Ranger #1)
Debra Rich (reporter #1)
Sarah Dalton (reporter #2)
Mark Vahanian (reporter #3)
Gary Dubin (worker)

Alternative Titles

Célpont a Föld – Hungary
Desenlace nuclear – Argentina (video)
Fallout – Gefahr aus dem All – Germany
Fallout – Terrorismo nuclear – Spain
Paratolmo shedio – Greece (video)
Perigo no Espaço – Brazil (television)
Talci v vesolju – Slovenia (television)