Fall of the House of Usher (1948)

UK, 1948
black and white
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Ivan Barnett.


Directed by: Ivan Barnett
© [not given on screen]
L. Barry Brenard and Arthur Manson present a G.I.B. production
Screen Play: Dorothy Catt, Kenneth Thompson
Adapted from the Story by: Edgar Allan Poe
Photographed by: Ivan Barnett
Music: De Wolfe
Solo Piano: Marjorie Skellorn
Sound: Leevers Rich
Art Direction: Hugh Gladwish
Set Construction: E. Shaw
Made and Recorded at: The G.I.B. Studios, Hastings

Gwendoline Watford as Lady Madeleine Usher
Kaye Tendeter as Lord Roderick Usher
Irving Steen as Jonathan
Vernon Charles (Dr Cordwell)
Lucy Pavey (the hag)
Gavin Lee (butler)
Connie Goodwin (Louise)
A. Powell Bristow (Richard (the gardener))
Robert Woolard (Greville)
Keith Lorraine (George)



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