Fährmann Maria (1936)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, German

A German fantasy film directed by Frank Wisbar.

Plot Summary

Ferryman's daughter Maria takes over her father's job after his and gives a free ride to a wounded man. But Death is on the man's tail and Maria determines to save him as they flee across the swamps.


Director: Frank Wisbar
Pallas Film, Terra-Filmkunst
Producer: Eberhard Schmidt
Production Managers: Karl Buchholz, Horst Kyrath
Script: Hans Jürgen Nierentz, Frank Wisbar
Story: Frank Wisbar
Director of Photography: Franz Weihmayr
Editor: Lena Neumann
Music: Herbert Windt
Sound: Hans Grimm
Tobis Klangfilm
Production Designers: Bruno Lutz, Fritz Maurischat
Locations: Lüneburger Heide, Lower Saxony, Germany; Soltau, Lower Saxony, Germany; Tütsberg, Schneverdingen, Lower Saxony, Germany

Sybille Schmitz (Maria)
Aribert Mog (the young man)
Carl de Vogt (the minstrel)
Peter Voß (the man in black (Death))
Gerhard Bienert (the wealthy landowner)
Eduard Wenck (Mayor Hegemann)
Karl Platen (the old ferryman)
Ernst Stimmel (Dorfschullehrer)
Mimi Thoma (singer (Heidelied))

Alternative Titles

Death and the Maiden – USA

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Extracts included in
Tanz mit dem Tod: Der Ufa-Star Sybille Schmitz (2000)