Eye of the Beholder (1999)

Canada, UK, Australia, 1998
35mm film, colour, 2.35:1

A Canadian/British/Australian borderline horror film directed by Stephan Elliott.


British secret service agent Stephen Wilson has been assigned to watch over the beautiful Joanna Eris and gradually becomes obsessed with her. When he realises that she's a serial killer, murdering her sexual partners, he tries to protect her from capture.


Director: Stephan Elliott
Ambridge Film Partnership, Behaviour Worldwide, Destination Films, Eye of the Beholder Ltd, Filmline International Inc, Hit and Run Productions, Village Roadshow Pictures
Executive Producers: Hilary Shor, Mark Damon
Producers: Nicolas Clermont, Tony Smith
Co-Producer: Al Clark
Line Producers: Jacqueline George, Manon Bougie
Associate Producers: Charles Gassot, Grant Lee
Script: Stephan Elliott
Novel: Marc Behm
Director of Photography: Guy Dufaux
Editor: Sue Blainey
Music: Marius De Vries
Sound Mixer: Claude La Haye
Costume Designer: Lizzy Gardiner
Key Make-up: Francine Gagnon
Key Hair: Marie France Cardinal
Special Effects: Les Productions de l'Intrigue Inc
Visual Effects: Hybride Technologies
Production Designer: Jean Baptiste Tard
Ewan McGregor (Stephen Wilson)
Ashley Judd (Joanna Eris)
Patrick Bergin (Alexander Leonard)
Geneviève Bujold (Dr Jeanne Brault)
k.d. lang (Hilary)
Jason Priestley (Gary)
Anne Marie Brown (Lucy Wilson)
Kaitlin Brown (Lucy Wilson)
David Nerman (Mike)
Steven McCarthy (Paul Hugo)
Vlasta Vrana (Hugo)
Janine Theriault (Nathy)
Don Jordan (Toohey)
Maria Revelins (Miss Keenan)
Lisa Forget (nurse)
Gayle Garfinkle (head waitress)
Russell Yuen (Federal Agent #1)
Stephane Levasseur (Federal Agent #2)
Al Vandecruys (Alaskan Federal Agent #1)
Sam Stone (Alaskan Federal Agent #2)

Remake of
Mortelle randonnée (1983)

Includes extracts from
The Wasp Woman (1960)

Extracts included in
Killing Priscilla (2000)



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