Eye of the Beholder (1995)


A British science fiction film directed by Bill Baggs.

Plot Summary

Creatures from a Dimensional Web take on human form and commit random acts of terrorism. Preceptors Egan and Saul are ready to take up the call to arms, but Soloman still wants to lead a quiet life. When Egan and Saul discover Metaphysic, a heavily guarded research project, they fall foul of an out-of-control experiment initiated by the scientist Hunter and Soloman may have no choice but to become a Preceptor one last time.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Bill Baggs
© BBV/WLC Pictures 1995
Executive Producer: Andy Grant
Produced by: Bill Baggs
Written by: Nicholas Briggs
Assistant Director: David Rowston
2nd Assistant: Patricia Merrick
Lighting Cameraman: Andy Bell
Focus Puller: Ben Hicklin
Music: Stephen Root
Sound Recordist: Raymond Turner
Make-up: Zoe Randall
Visual Effects: Nicolas Cotta *
Computer Graphics: Peter Duncan
Military Adviser: Gabriel Mykaj
TV Facilities: WLC Broadcast

Colin Baker (Soloman)
David Troughton (Egan)
John Wadmore (Saul)
Holly King (Rose)
Bernadette Gepheart (Meta)
Alison Troughton (Sheila)
Geoffrey Beevers (Hunter)
Patricia Merrick (Major Devlin)
Nicholas Briggs [soldier] *

Alternative Titles

: Eye of the Beholder
The Stranger VI
The Stranger VI: Eye of the Beholder

Sequel to
Summoned by Shadows (1991)
More Than a Messiah (1992)
In Memory Alone (1993)
The Terror Game (1994)
Breach of the Peace (1994)



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