Exorcismo (1975)

35mm film, colour
mono, Spanish

A Spanish horror film directed by Juan Bosch.


A young woman unknowingly takes part in what turns out to be a satanic ritual and she ends up being be possessed by the spirit of her dead father. As her condition deteriorates, The village priest is called in to perform an exorcism, battling with the evil spirit for the young woman's soul.


Director: Juan Bosch
Production Directors: Modesto Perez Redondo, Luis Marin
Script: Joan Bosch, Jacinto Molina
Story: Jacinto Molina
Director of Photography: Francisco Sanchez
Editor: Antonio Ramirez
Music: Alberto Argudo
Sound: Voz de España
Wardrobe Mistress: Ana Salmeron
Make-up: Adolfo Ponte, Manolita G. De Ponte
Hair: Hipolia Lopez
Special Effects: Alfredo Segoviano
Set Designer: Alfonso De Lucas
Locations: Barcelona, Spain; England, UK

Paul Naschy
Maria Perschy
Maria Kosti
Grace Mills
Jorge Torras
Luis Induni
Roger Leveder
Juan Llaneras
Martha Avile
Joan Velilla
Florencio Calpe
Dora Santacreu
Gero (the dog)

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