Exorcio Deus Machine La misión (1996)

437 metres
35mm film, colour

A Spanish science fiction film directed by Ricardo Ribelles.

Plot Summary

In the final days of the 21st Century, the Earth is engaged in a devastating with the forces of evil, an army of alien invaders known as the . Leading the Earth's forces is an enigmatic super hero known as the Baron. During an extermination combat mission the Baron is captured, taken prisoner by the seductive witch, Lady Pervertum, and he is tortured by her until she finally extracts his . Lady Pervertum uses the Baron's sperm to impregnate the Beast – Ragnarok with the intention of creating the ultimate race of homicidal demons. The Baron manages to escape, but tormented by his guilt, he begins a bloody war of vengeance in an attempt to save the Earth.


Directed by: Ricardo Ribelles
Ribefex & La Mirada Prods. in co-production with TVPC, S.L. With the collaboration of Gobierno de Canarias, Turismo de Tenerife
Executive Producers: Ana Snachez-Gijon, Ricardo Ribelles
Producers: Ana Sanchez-Gijón & Ricardo Ribelles
Associate Producers: Juan Carlos Romeu, Alfonso Ruiz, Juan A. Castano, Arena Audiovisual, S.L.
Written by: Ricardo Ribelles
Director of Photography: Albert Serrado
Editing: Carlos Abel Rodriguez, David Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Romeu
Original Music: Christian Johansen
Wardrobe: Eduard Vicente, Montse Palou
Make-up Artist and Hairdressing: Jordina Reguera
Digital Effects and Supervisor: Alfonso Ruiz
Art Director: Ricardo Ribelles

Juan Carlos Romeu (The Baron)
Helena Lecumberri (Madame Pervertum)
Xavier Bertran (Colonel Domenico)
Irene Belza (Sargento Burkina Fasso)
Alejandro Ribelles (Lieutenant Alexander)
Susana Palma (Twin Bogardis)
Gerardo Arenas (Second Lieutenant Horacio)
Eva Barcelo (General Cesarea Nebula)
Paulina Galvez (Lieutenant Ira Bowman)
Mireia Alert
Frank A. Romero
Francisco Delgado