Excalibur (1981)

119m (USA – cut version), 135m (Argentina), 140m (UK; USA – uncut version)
35mm film, “colour by Technicolor”, 1.85:1
mono, English

A British film directed by John Boorman.

Plot Summary

The wizard Merlin gives the legendary sword to Uthur Pendragon in the hope that he will be able to unite the warring tribes of England. He fails and the sword is driven into a stone where it will remain until the rightful ruler of the land comes along to remove it. That man is Pendragon's illegitimate son Arthur and, years later, he claims his right to rule England. Guided (even manipulated) by Merlin, he begins the task of uniting the land with his of the Round Table at the castle – but an affair between his wife Guenevere and trusted knight Lancelot, and the machinations of Arthur's evil half-sister Morgana and their -born son threaten to shatter the dream…


Directed by: John Boorman
© MCMLXXXI [1981] Orion Pictures Company
An Orion Pictures release thru Warner Bros a Warner Communications company
Executive Producers: Edgar F. Gross, Robert A. Eisenstein
Produced by: John Boorman
Associate Producer: Michael Dryhurst
Screenplay: Rospo Pallenberg and John Boorman
Adapted from “Le Morte d'Arthur” [by Thomas Malory] by: Rospo Pallenberg
Director of Photography: Alex Thomson
Film Editors: John Merritt; Donn Cambern [uncredited],
Original Music Composed and Conducted by: Trevor Jones
Sound Recordist: Tom Curran
Costume Designer: Bob Ringwood
Make-Up: Anna Dryhurst, Basil Newall
Hair Stylist: Anne McFadyen
Hairdresser: Anne Dunne
Special Effects: Peter Hutchinson, Alan Whibley; Gerry Johnston, Michael Doyle
Special Photographic Effects: Oxford Scientific Films Ltd.
Production Designer: Anthony Pratt
Filmed in the Republic of Ireland in Wicklow,Kerry, Tipperary and at The National Film Studios

Nigel Terry (King Arthur)
Helen Mirren (Morgana)
Nicholas Clay (Lancelot)
Cherie Lunghi (Guenevere)
Paul Geoffrey (Perceval)
Nicol Williamson (Merlin)
Robert Addie (Mordred)
Gabriel Byrne (Uther [Pendragon])
Keith Buckley (Uryens)
Katrine Boorman (Igrayne)
Liam Neeson (Gawain)
Corin Redgrave (Cornwall)
Niall O'Brien (Kay)
Patrick Stewart (Leondegrance)
Clive Swift (Ector)
Ciarin Hinds (Lot)
Liam O'Callaghan (Sadok)
Michael Muldoon (Astamor)
Charley Boorman (boy Mordred)
Mannix Flynn (Mordred's lieutenant)

Alternative Titles

Ekskalibur – Serbian title
Excalibor – Das Schwert des Königs – East German title
Excalibur – kongernes sværd – Danish title
Excalibur – Mec kralja Arthurja – Slovenian title
Excalibur – sankarin miekka – Finnish title
Excàlibur – Catalan Spanish title
Excalibur – Vér és mágia – Hungarian DVD title
John Boorman's Merlin Film – shooting title
Knights – shooting title
Krallar savasiyor – Turkish title
Merlin – shooting title
Merlin and the Knights of King Arthur – early title
Sankarin miekka – Finnish title

Production Notes

The film was originally announced as Merlin and the Knights of King Arthur.

During production, it was retitled Knights.

Producers Orion had suggested that the film be shot in either Bulgaria or England, particularly Cornwall, but Boorman chose instead to shoot in Ireland, with production based at the National Film Studios. Locations included Wicklow, Tipperary and Kerry.

Shooting took 18 weeks.



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