Ex-S: The Wicker Man (1998)

UK, 1998
mono, English
Series: Ex-S (1990-2005)

A British documentary television episode directed by Simon Parsons.


Some of the film-makers, fans and residents of the filming locations reminisce about The Wicker Man (1973).


Director: Simon Parsons
BBC Scotland
Series Producer: Richard Downes
Series Editor: May Miller
Camera: Mike Cuthbert, Graham Banks, Vic Kusin
Rostrum Camera: Malcolm Paris
Lighting Electricians: Graham Walker, Stuart Farmer, Peter Smith
Film Editor: Phyllis Ironside
Sound: Allan Cooper, John Crossland, John Gardner
Dubbing Mixer: Derek Livesey
Additional Research: Nicky Coia, Neil McDonald
Production Assistants: Samantha Lockhart, Patricia Wink
With Thanks to: The Logan Botanical Gardens

Christopher Lee
Allan Brown (journalist)
Robin Hardy (director)
Edward Woodward
Barbara Rafferty
Ingrid Pitt
Jake Wright (first assistant director)
Duglas Stewart
Jane Jackson
Stewart Hopps (choreographer)
Eric Boyd-Perkins (film editor)
Tony Roper
John Walters (narrator)

Includes extracts from
Dracula Prince of Darkness (1966)
The Wicker Man (1973)